Friday, December 7, 2012

Ornament exchange offering...

I am a late bloomer.  I have just now discovered the mindless joy of making yo-yo's.  Be still my OCD heart!

Some of you make them by the 100's, not even knowing what you are going to do with them (Margaret D. and sister...).  I have to say it is a very satisfying use of scraps.

It is time for the yearly ornament exchange, so the pressure has been on to come up with a worthy offering.

Since I like the way the red ornaments really "pop" on a Christmas tree, I started with my bright red scraps.

I knew I needed to make them small as my fingers would fumble.  I also wasn't sure how I would embellish them in the end, so I chose to fold the edge under as I made my gathers rather than leave the edge raw.

I love Kay Buckley's "Perfect Circle" applique templates.  I don't use them very often to applique circles...I'm far too lazy and just turn the edges under with a glue stick when I make circles...and I do love making circles, but I diverge...

OK Teresa, stay on task.  Since the yo-yo's finish about half the diameter of the circle you start with, I chose a template and "dug in" to the scraps.

I decided I wanted the finished yo-yo to be about the size of a penny.

They really are addicting to make, which is a good thing!  When they are made this tiny, it takes a lot to cover a styrofoam ball.  Using some red-on-white fabrics in addition to red makes the ornament really sizzle and adds movement.

I used inexpensive pearl-headed pins to attach each yo-yo, starting at the "bottom" of the ornament, and adding them row by row, slightly overlapping them to cover the styrofoam ball.

They held so well, I didn't even have to glue them, but I could have.  I did make a hole at the "top" by stabbing the very tiny exposed place on the styrofoam ball with my stiletto, then filled it with a little craft glue and poked the knotted end of some skinny ribbon into the glued hole for a hanger.  Easy! 

(The time-consuming part is making the yo-yo's...NOTE TO SELF: spend spare time in 2013 making yo-yo's so that I will have lots to play with next year...).

I had some minor foot surgery yesterday, and now I am sitting with my foot propped up, typing (not pretty...), questioning the wisdom of my decision to drive myself to the annual party and ornament exchange this morning.  The stitches are on the bottom of a toe, and it would be better if I stayed home and stayed off of it...but it's a party...hmmm.

I have an hour to decide and make my planned dish to I act like a responsible adult and stay home or go PARTY HARDY with my friends?!?  Stay tuned...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)

(p.s. I will do a proper tutorial on these, and a couple more ornaments I came up with, soon...)


  1. What a cute idea!
    I have made hundreds for yo-yos for a quilt - never thought of an ornament. Perhaps I will have to go smaller and give that an idea for next year - I don't want to start it for this year.
    Hope your foot heals quickly and you don't overdo it at your party. :)


  2. What a clever idea! And yes, yo-yo's are terribly addictive. They are a great travel project, too. In the car of course, I don't think they let you have pointy things in airplanes nowadays. :) Love the ornament. Hope you enjoyed your party.

  3. I will have to remember to take pictures of the yo-yo ornaments I have and send to you. I made several bird houses and I have an angel. I can't remember if there are more on the tree or not.

  4. Love the ornament.Looking forward to your other ideas.

  5. This is so adorable! I need to start making yo-yo's, too!

  6. Call somebody to come get you. Forget the dish to pass and sit with the foot up once you get there. Be the center of attention for a while and let somebody else wait on you for a change!! Hope the foot heals up good. Love the yo-yo ornament. Christmas is gonna come and go before I even think about getting ready for it.

  7. Oh so pretty!! I may have to make some for my daughter and daughter-in-law--I have a yo-yo maker (by Clover) still in its pkg--time to break it open...lovely work as always, Teresa--Julierose

  8. I love making yo-yos. Got some orphans hanging around in the sewing room and this might be the perfect way to give them a home. I'm guessing you went to the party. Am I right?

  9. Aaaaahhh yes.......yoyos.........I.LIKE.

  10. Your ornament is the cutest. If you are like me -- you went to the party, of course. Hopefully you had someone drive you or you will have someone wait on you at the party. After all, Christmas parties only come around once a year!!

  11. ok this s just adorable, I might even have to make yoyo's to try this myself.
    nope i haven't jumped on the yoyo bandwagon either!
    I can see a little tree filled with these....keep making them all year thats a great plan
    I hope you called someone to come get you and stopped somewhere and brought something to bring.
    silly girl everyone will understand...

  12. That looks like a worthy ornament offering to me. Take care of your foot. You only get two and they don't issue new ones. Joanne

  13. I'm betting that you wrapped that ornament, bought something to put into a dish at the deli, and went to the party. There will be plenty of time to rest after Christmas. Love your ornament.

  14. I love, love, love to make yo-yo's and I'm happy to see you enjoyed your experience with them! I have a pretty glass jar in my sewing room filled with yo-yo's and I love being able to just look at them. Your ornament is beautiful with the pearl pins! Can't wait to see what else you've done with your yo-yo's........
    BTW....I think you went to the party with a yummy dish to pass :o)

  15. So darling...wish I'd found this a month ago.
    Oh I have a head start on 2013! ;-)


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