Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tired of the quilt show yet? - Part 3

Hope you are still hungry for eye candy...I'm warming up for next week's AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I'm also having a design wall dilema...but first, the candy!

I really liked this setting (above) makes me think about either the Farmer's Wife or Nearly Insane quilt (both on my bucket list)...hmmm...

I LOVE snowman quilts, and this show had so many nice ones.  It is kind of fun to think about snow and snowmen after this summer of extreme heat...

Scrappy and unpredictable...great combination...

All I can say is WOW!

As I'm addicted to Halloween, I NEVER tire of seeing one of these quilts...

I fell in love with this quilt when I saw it hanging at The Marshall House Quilt Shop in Marshall, much so that I bought the pattern!  If you are ever near Marshall, that is a GREAT shop.  The building used to be a funeral parlor, so it is very charming, and they have the best of everything! 

(I have such a sick sense of humor...I think they should have an antique coffin full of fat quarters somewhere.)


It is always fun to run across an applique quilt that depicts stories from the bible and see how the pattern maker interprets the story.  These quilt blocks were featured in a magazine in the early 1960's.

I stood in front of this one for the longest time...(don't you love how tiny David looks next to Goliath?) 

You can't help but smile looking at the next one!  So colorful and beautifully done!

I love that this next quilt was made by a nice guy for his wife.

Yikes!  How TINY!!  I am strangely attracted to these tiny wonders...

This one is so SWEET!

This next quilt was one entered in the challenge category...I don't remember all the parameters, but I remember they all had to use Ohio Star blocks somewhere.  I love Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting, so this one really spoke to me.

All you hand applique enthusiasts will recognize Karen Kay Buckley by name.  She was the featured teacher for the week of the show.  The following 2 quilts of hers were exquisite!  It was hard to get pictures due to the crowds getting up close and personal with the quilts to see details.  I only got one shot of the first one (and didn't get the label).

Also, I am having design wall woes...NOT ENOUGH ROOM!  There is only one good place for a design wall in the quilt cave.  It is at the bottom of the steps, and it barely holds a double sized quilt top (and to make matters worse, it is crappy, old, pink blanket left from the college years).

As I have been working on these Blackbird Design applique baskets for a while, I have been pinning up the finished blocks and the baskets ready to be appliqued to backgrounds to motivate me further (and so I can do a quick check as I cut out and prep more - I don't want to repeat any of the reproduction basket fabrics).

Well, that is all well and good, but I rotate what?

If I had a million dollars (and more room), wouldn't it be cool to have a really large design wall with MANY sliding panels on little wheels, on multiple "tracks" (like closet doors)?  That way I could have several large projects laid out and have a choice of which 2 surfaces would be visible at any given time.

Sigh...I guess I will just keep layering archeologist would have fun with my blanket...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Thank you for such a lovely quilt show! No favorites, all just wonderful. I layer projects too - sometimes the are 3 or 4 layers deep!

  2. thanks for the quilt show! I really LOVE the Halloween quilt too! by far my favorite!

  3. The grayish colors in the first quilt would ordinarily not appeal to me at all. But put together this way, it makes a lovely quilt!! Those Bible story blocks are adorable and I recognized every one of them. Guess all that Sunday School wasn't wasted, huh? Oh my goodness. Not in my wildest dreams could I ever approach that kind of applique work!!!!

  4. Fabulous quilts at that show! And I'm loving your idea for a sliding design wall! Genius! Now, if I only had the room! :o)

  5. Always enjoy seeing other quilts from quilting shows. I am stuck at home as a care giver and don't get out to see what others are doing. Thank you for sharing with us. Karen Buckleys quilt was beautiful. I am sure in real life was over the top. Chris

  6. thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts.

    I do not have a very big design wall either. it is only 4ft square. I dont have an empty wall in my sewing room for a larger one. I used one of those table cloths that I got at Wal Mart. it is plastic in one side for outside use on a table and it is lined with felt/flannel anyway it works great ...everything sticks to it.'

    I look forward to your posts!

    I am planning to go to the quilt show in Houston in November...will you be there?

  7. Tulip Cross is very, very nice. And love the Halloween quilt because I like fall and Halloween so much.

  8. Your dream design wall sounds marvelous!! I adore that Bible quilt - such clever blocks. I'm so glad she got it quilted and out of the drawer. The Samson and Delilah block has to be my favorite :0)

  9. Great quilts! I always thought it would be neat to have multiple design walls too, like the pull down background photographers use. I bet it would be doable if you knew the mechanics of how they work.


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