Monday, January 2, 2012

The last 2011 finish...on to a new year!

Ahhh...the LAST finish of 2011.  This string star quilt, "Americana String Star," was a 2010 Christmas gift that I managed to finish in time for Christmas 2011.  Better late than never, I always say.  I should have never showed it to them last seemed to suck all the momentum out of the project.
It is hand quilted in the ditch and also echo style.  For the larger "string" strips, I quilted kind of on the diagonal in the piece so that the overall quilting effect is fairly even over the whole surface.  (I look at the quilt while I squint to see if any puffy, unquilted places pop out at me.)

It is now hanging on the wall of one of the bedrooms in my parent's log home that they built in northwest Alabama.  It's kind of fun to hang something homemade on a wall that is homemade.

Happy New Year to you all!  It is nice to close the book on 2011 and look ahead to 2012...a blank slate, full of hope and promise, not to mention oodles of quilty ideas that need to spring from my head to fabric...SOON (before my head explodes).  I'm just not going to think about all the unfinished things I had targeted for completion in 2011.  I'm trying to focus on what I actually got accomplished despite not having enough time to sew.  It's a new looking back, and no regrets!

We drove home yesterday from Christmas in the warm south to a snow/wind storm in Michigan.  That is what we are calling a New Years reality check.  We had a rainy Christmas, but the past 4 days or so were glorious and I walked outside in short sleeves!  That won't happen again for a few months.

Now to unpack and get started on some projects!  I hope you are working on some projects already!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Your string quilt looks wonderful! The perfect quilt to hang on a log wall. I always admire your hand quilting - it's marvelous. I can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. It's beautiful Teresa. I'm sure your parents will be so happy with it that they will forgive you for it being a year late :-)
    Best wishes for a happy New Year.

  3. just beautiful! I seem to be adding to my string totes, bet I can call dibs on 2013 being the year of strings- lol

  4. LOVE this quilt, wow, it deserves to be hung on a wall.
    so graphic! It was well worth the wait I bet they said.
    Glad you finished it and now can't wait to see what you start next :)
    Happy new Year!!!!

  5. Congratulations on such a satisfying finish. Really, it was two gifts: a top and a quilt. It sounds like it went to a very good home. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  6. Love this quilt! I imagine it looks even better on the wall of a log cabin home.
    I love this time of year, too!
    Here's to new beginnings in 2012!

  7. Yep, we're getting a reality check tonight too!! Gonna be about 30 degrees or lower, and even worse tomorrow night. Just hauled my plants inside for the first time this winter. Yesterday, it was mid-70's!!!!!

  8. I love your string stars and the quilting looks fabulous. Congratulations on the finish.

  9. That is a truly beautiful quilt - the piecing and the quilting, just an excellent job!

  10. Teresa, that quilt is gorgeous! And your hand quilting is just right for it! Beautiful!

  11. I love this quilt!! Wonderful quilting!!
    A late happy new year!

  12. Absolutely Stunning! Congrats on a fantastic finish!

  13. Well of course I.LIKE.
    Especially the way you hand quilted it.
    I think is has a most definite vintage look!

  14. Your string star is so fantastic!
    I love the red, white and blue color scheme!

  15. I love this style of quilt and your quilting really sets it off!

  16. What a beautiful string quilt. Congratulations on a great finish for 2011.

  17. good way to finish the year.
    Have a great 2012.

  18. And a good finish it is. I can see this one being used in the summer around the 4th of July since it is in red, white and blue.


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