Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Despite my 2-week toothache (and resulting 2-week drain on creativity...), I managed to get a little more done on "Boxer Rebellion."  I finally finished the 8 pieced blocks made from Steve's old undies (hee-hee-hee) after picking some patterns with funny names...Handy Andy, Grandmother's Favorite, Contrary Wife, Darting Birds, and a few more "appropriately" named blocks for this project.  Thank you for all your block suggestions...that was a source of much mirth while I was moaning and groaning about my tooth pain.  This isn't a very good photo, but I think it will give you the general idea.  Each block will finish at 7.5 inches.

I have hand appliqued the bodies to the comes the fun part...embellishing with embroidery outlines and details like glasses, nipples (oh yes...tiny little French knots...), words/phrases, and the little alfalfa sprouts of hairs on the top of his noggins.  Yes...I AM enjoying this...

The missing block will be one more applique block...I thought I needed to applique a pair of boxers, complete with the "escape flap" and a little button.  Sort of an homage to the source of inspiration for this project.

The blocks were a little boring and flat, so I started adding a little bright orange to some of them (there are some orange/red accents in some of the shorts).  I will probably also add an ultra skinny orange stop border and finish with a small outer border pieced from more boxer fabric...most likely very scrappy.  Then I think all the boxer leftovers will go into the backing.

Being under the influence of "happy drugs" for tooth pain and listening to radio news stories about the upcoming federal trial of the "underwear" bomber are not a good combination.  Now I'm toying with making some very small free pieced letters that would spell:

"the butt stops here" 

It's a good thing I have to worry about the final size of this thing getting too big...but I could always incorporate that phrase in the backing (although it would be deliciously scandalous to add it to the front outer border...).  Maybe if the letters were very, very tiny...

The tooth odyssey:  Two weeks ago I had a replacement crown made because the bite was severely out of whack.  The new crown is much improved, but they think the resulting pain is due to trying to get the bite right...all the teeth playing nicely.  If a tooth is "high," it can aggravate another tooth into displaying symptoms of needing unnecessary root canals and such.  Now it's grind a little...wait a little...grind some more, wait some more...  I guess now that I am 50 and a slow healer anyway, I was destined to lots of discomfort and happy drugs while all teeth calm down and learn to play nice.

What's a girl with a toothache to do?  Can't eat comfort foods and continue to lose weight...hey look!  The new Hancock's catalog came in the mail...
Go to the computer, point and click, and pieces of Judy Rothermel's Cocheco III just appear at the door a few days later.  It's better to support my local quilt shops, and I do, but this was an emergency!
Even through the glare, they look good!  That catalog is a killer.  There are other Judy Rothermel lines (Pine Tree) and also new stuff from Paula Barnes (also for Marcus), shown here on the adjacent page.  There are some really nice navy and black prints in that Tavern Blues line.
Then, there's  Luscious shirtings and Ascot novelties...oh my...

I feel better already!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. when the mailman or ups drops off boxes of beautiful fabric like these how can you not feel better!!!!! you made some great purchases :)
    oh I loved so many of the new fabrics in that Hancocks catalog, I refrained, so far ;)
    hope your feeling better!

  2. Man I wish I had received a Hancock's catalogue in the mail this week. Probably better that I didn't as I am trying to cut way back on my fabric purchases and that catalogue is like quilter's porn!

  3. How Hancock's catalog is open to this very page!

  4. Your blocks look great! That applique will be SO FUN! The new fabric looks yummy!!

  5. You're living up to your name Fabric therapy! The blocks look great and I do hope you're over the toothache woes.

  6. Hehehe :D You make me laugh :) Love your post.

  7. I know that a little retail therapy is always good for what ails us. I looked at those Cocheco III, too. They are gorgeous. Hope your tooth problem straightens out soon.

  8. Hope your tooth problems go away quickly. Your boxer quilt is so cute. You are so talented! I love to read your post. always make me smile!

    hugs from south Louisiana

  9. This is just too hilarious by half! I love it and the whole concept! Hope your tooth problems go away.


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