Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Order from the chaos...

I recently had a huge mess down in the quilt cave...these two pictures are for everyone who thinks (based on my past Stash Manicure posts) that my sewing area is always neat as a pin.  Sometimes creativity demands a messy canvas!  OK, OK, it does drive me nuts when the process continues for more than a couple of days...I can only handle complete chaos for so long!

When I am grooving on a scrappy project (a.k.a. "making my own fabric"), I have to have everything out where I can see it, touch it, choose and reject it.

I've been working on casserole dish "rugs"  or hot dish mats - I really tried making them based on a couple of tutorials I found, but I ended up having to put my own spin on them.  (Hey...it's me!)  I couldn't get them to work nicely without binding them, so now I'm on a binding frenzy.  I have managed to finish a few.  In honor of her new book (out today, I think!!!!!), I experimented some more with Tonya's free-pieced letters (Word Play Quilts, by Tonya Ricucci of Lazy Gal Quilting).  You've GOT TO check out her book and making these amazing letters...if I can make them, anyone can!  They add such a personal, wonky touch to any project.  I put a fun border on this "Wickedly Liberated" quilt using her method:

Back to the casserole mats...I layered the pieced little top with Insul-Brite and muslin, machine quilted that, then added a piece of batting and a nice backing.  Then I pinned all that together and applied binding, which I finished by hand.

 I've gotten ribbons for my hand quilting, but you'd NEVER know it looking at my feeble attempts at machine quilting!  Every time I try this I am in awe of all you fabulous machine quilters.
I wish I could have gotten them to look good by putting right sides together, stitching, and turning and top-stitching.  There were just too many layers with the batting, top, backing and Insul-Brite.  So my plan B called for my favorite thing...binding...crap!  Oh well, ho-ho-ho!
 I did manage to get the main Christmas tree decorated with my daughter's help.
And my sneaky husband managed to catch me and the Weasley beast cat nappin' Thanksgiving weekend after our company left...zzzz!  We were plum tuckered out!

Have a blessed December...remember to pause for yourself while you are doing things for others.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Love the picture of you napping....one of my favorite things to do LOL. I hear ya on the machine quilting....I don't know how they do it!!

    Love your tree and all your casserole pads :0)


  2. Love the tree! we all create a mess at times in our work space don't we -- I can never stand it for too long and always have to clean it up after a day or two or I have no place to work!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous!
    I love your kitty snuggling with you.

  4. I love the fact that you put your own spin on the letters! woohoo, I'd love it if everyone did that. so love the Wicked quilt you all did - came out fabulously! love to Weasley from me and my furry ones.

  5. Oh it was sooo fun to see this quilt again - I love it so much, especially the words on the borders.
    Your tree looks lovely!
    the casserole mats turned out great, you must be pleased!
    Your letters are awesome!!

  6. ah good to see you rest at times...and goodness me a mess at Teresa's tell me this is not sew...I bet you somehow took some one elses' pics..right.. ? lol
    love your tree...wowzee..and tell me are those mug rugs???? they look like them lol...

  7. OMG your Wickedly Lib quilt is awesome - I LOVE it!! What a great idea, and a fantastic job! I really like your S.

    I love your casserole mats too! Wish I'd thought of that. . . I may have to copy you!

  8. Your tree is so pretty.
    such a great idea for the hot pads too.
    cute picture of you and your kitty.

  9. I love the saying on the quilt.Your kitty must be related to mine!

  10. Teresa,

    I too have to some times create in chaos. Though not for long, it drives me crazy. Love you wonderful hot pads. Whom ever receives those should be filled with love from the time and effort that you have put into them. Love a hand made gift! Happy holidays to you and yours.

    Many blessings,

  11. I really love the liberated quilt with the letters in the border! Well done!


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