Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The third and final doll quilt...

The third reproduction doll quilt is done!  (see my last post for the first two...)  Mary Jones pieced these little beauties and I got to hand quilt them and give them back to her for binding (to me, that's like getting to play with the baby, then hand it back to mama to change the diaper!).
They are store samples to help sell reproduction fabrics and this great book, out of which all three little quilts came, at one of our LQS.
All of these quilt patterns are so nice and finish up quickly with scraps and a little time.  There is also some interesting historical reading in this book.  Just lovely.

Stay tuned...the chickens are coming in the next post...

Does anyone know a good online source for Moda Bella solids??

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. That looks like a great little book...humm...haven't bought a book in awhile! (at least a week...)

  2. Hi
    I think equilter carries them.
    I love your doll quilt - so cute.
    binding, I love to do it myself.
    thanks for sharing this little cutie

  3. The cheddar pops on this little quilt.

  4. love your little quilt, what GREAT fabric choices!
    oh now I have to get this book out too and make a few little quilts
    from here!
    let me know if you find the belle solids
    fat quarter shop sells them and so does Hancocks..
    haven't found a shop that sells all the colors yet though

  5. Oh, Teresa - just love this quilt! Here I am happily Kaffeing along then I see this little stunner!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. I enjoyed seeing all 3 quilts .... lovely and lucky you to get to quilt them.

  7. All 3 quilts are so charming. I'm sure they will sell lots of reproduction fabric :0)

    My friend made all the quilts from that book and then had a party and gave them away to all her little girl friends. (three of the little girls were my daughters so 3 of the quilts reside at my house - the checker board is one of them)

  8. Another cute little quilt :0)

    Teresa, try using Quiltshops.com, type in Moda Bella Sale and click thumbnail. It brings up around 4 pages of shots of this fabric at various shops. You just have to click on the thumbnail and find the best price. I do this a lot when I know what fabric I want.


  9. What a cute quilt. The fabrics just make it sparkle. That is a great book, too. You've been busy.


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