Friday, July 9, 2010

Going around in circles...

Oh my.  Is anyone else doing this fabulous Joseph's Coat Quilt-Along from Kellie at  Don't Look Now???  I have been at this for a while as a baby quilt for my new nephew (now 6 months old...oh my...).

I have to admit it has not been an easy project for me.  First of all, I broke my rule and let my sister see it in progress in February.  Sometimes it takes all the wind out of my sails when I do a partial reveal.  Then the cat turned over my tea cup and I ended up having to re-make a few circles (since I glue my edges under, I couldn't plunge the pieces under the water to get the tea stain out of the bright white background).  Then I bled on one and didn't realize it until it was too late for my spit to remove the stain...had to re-do that one too.

Somehow I managed to finish all the little whole and half circle to put them together so that the pattern is continuous.  I don't have a picture of that for you yet as it looks like A COMPLETE MESS!!!  I'm following the tutorials, but it is awkward folding the excess background out of the way in order to connect the circles in a continuous pattern...bulky, bulky, bulky. 

I think it is going to work eventually, but I am very clumsy trying to do the hand applique with the weight of all that excess, folded-out-of-the-way background fabric...especially when trying to get those 6 little points to meet PERFECTLY.  I may need to do some pre-mature trimming...

I got really spoiled by the ease of hand-appliqueing all the little circle!  Then I hit the wall, which I will push some point.  I'm feeling the pressure of Asa possibly being in second grade before he gets this quilt!!

I will show progress on how it is going together next time...until then, off to work at the quilt shop!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. what a great little boys quilt, oh keep going and just finish it, its really beautiful., ok handsome!

  2. It's delightful and will be a treasure...worth every persnickety moment! Hope you have only smooth sailing ahead!

  3. Oooo Teresa it is beautiful!! I can imagine how hard it is to maneuver all that fabric!!


  4. You certainly have had some mishaps making your Joseph's Coat. Good, though, that you can keep going on it.

  5. I'm not doing this one, but yours is beautiful and worth it! Sometimes I set a time and do just a little a day until I get back in the right mood. Keeps it moving forward :)

  6. A very challenging quilt, but it looks wonderful!!

  7. I started to do it, then backed out. I realized I was in over my head. Yours is beautiful. Winona

  8. are you piecing the Joseph's Coat quilt by hand? Would love to see a picture of it when it's done ... nice job, pretty colors.


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