Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Uh-oh...a new crush...

What is wrong with me?  For 7 months, I was a one-quilt-woman...didn't even look at another quilt with lust in my heart while working on the Civil War Bride.  Now that the bride is done, I'm like a drunken sailor on shore leave!  Little houses in a quaint village, Liberated Ladies, a baby quilt, Blackbird baskets, Aunt Clara, Klosjes, Civil War Sampler, log cabins...these are just a few of my on-going projects, some long-term, some with a deadline in mind. 

While at Borders Books with my daughter on Monday afternoon, I picked up this magazine and saw the quilt on the cover.  My heart skipped a beat.  I opened the magazine to the proper page, and there she was...Annabelle.  (Don't tell my husband...)  Has anyone else fallen for this vixen??
The magazine is sharing the pattern, which is nice.  I'm going to hold off on any starts...just daydream about it for a while.

I know, I know...SUCKER!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Yes, yes, yes, don't get me started!! LOL! At least you've finished your bride, I'm just terrible, a starter through and through. No, I haven't started Annabelle, but I did drool all over her and think about it. No willpower whatsoever....sigh!

  2. I know what you mean. I'm the same and I'm starting to wonder if it's in the water?

    I don't even want to think about Annabelle. You can't make me. I have my fingers in my ears and I can't hear you. La la la! (grin)

  3. I will say this, you don't fall in love with easy quilts. (grin) It is a beautiful pattern, but way beyond my applique skills. I hear you about all the projects. I lay awake some nights, thinking about new projects that I want to start. It is a sickness, I tell you. LOL Have a good evening. Winona

  4. dear teresa,what a wonderful quilt,it is so hard to resist somtimes,isn`t it,but maybe...,hugs,susi

  5. You may already be aware, but if not, this quilt has also been patterned by Di Ford, and may be purchased through Threadbear. I know because I bought it! I should only live long enough to make all the gorgeous appliqued quilts I've already bought patterns for.........Yikes! Michele

  6. I hear ya Sister!!! It is fun having so many options to keep you entertained but sometimes you have to draw a line.....but maybe not quite yet LOL.


  7. Teresa, that quilt is beautiful, don´t dream about it , catch it.Step by step you`ll arrive and do all your projects.


  8. No, I didn't see that magazine. But ...

    Now that you have shown it to me, I have to get that magazine. Love that quilt. I see this is part 1. Does it say how many parts there are to it?

  9. Beautiful quilt. Yes, I finished a huge applique project (not the CWB, though I have the pattern)a couple months ago and now also have baskets going, a liberated star, a liberated log cabin and tons of ideas in my head. my husband and kids will tell you that it is a sickness. I will get the mag tomorrow.


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