Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Border treatment...half way there!

I've been working on the right and bottom borders, and I attached them last night.  Sorry for the bad picture...this quilt is now too big for my design wall!

I reworked the border idea (big surprise) for two reasons.  First, I decided to make the borders a little less chaotic because the quilt center is so busy.  I really just want to add a frame to the cluster of blocks...not compete with it.  Secondly, even though I have not planned out how I will hand quilt it, I want there to be some places where the quilting will show by itself (now the pressure is on to do something wonderful with the hand quilting - YIKES!). 

I will applique the top and left borders sort of opposite to these two, starting in the top, left-hand corner and moving out, down and to the right.  This will leave the top, right-hand and botom, left-hand corners with only hand quilting showing. 

I like Corliss's "kissing birds" that she uses on her top border, so I think I will feature something like that in the top, left-hand corner, then do vines featuring more fruits and flowers, and add some butterflies.

I decided to add my initials and the date in the bottom, left-hand corner.  I've seen that with other antique album quilts and decided to go for it!!

I will keep going...I'm a little nervous about all this the closer I get to the end.  I am very anxious to start hand quilting favorite part of the whole process.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. dear teresa,how lovely this will look in the end,very beautiful,i love handquilting most ,too,i have now finisheh the halv right and left border and i added some leaves,because it is my thousand-leaves-quilt,just go on,i think you will be the first one who has finished the whole top,hugs,susi

  2. Just gorgeous! You must have the fastest applique fingers I have ever come across.

  3. oh my goodness Teresa.. it is stunning!! this is a master piece that you have created. If you put it in a quilt show it would win all the ribbons.. your choices have all been perfect for this gorgeous quilt. I am so happy that I am able to see your progress.

  4. it is just amazing, love your added touches to the quilt
    ah yes hand quilting will be so much fun revisiting each block

  5. I think Karen's right, lightning applique fingers, both you and Susi. Lovely though Teresa, I really admire the way you have totally made this your own. BTW, when you've finished, come visit me and do mine????? LOL!

  6. Your quilt is just turning out marvelous. I love the background color, the sashing, and all of your applique. It really is going to be a family heirloom/masterpiece.

  7. Oh Teresa, your plans for the border and what you have done so far is WONDERFUL!! It will be fun to see how you will hand quilt it :0)


  8. Teresa,
    What a joy it is to see this quilt in ACTION. Thanks so much for starting this journal. I can't WAIT to see the finished pieced project ... and THEN the quilting ... ou la LA.
    Ellen :-)


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