Friday, February 5, 2010

Love, love, love...

(This is the top half with more detail.)
I LOVE Valentine's day, and I love Valentine/heart quilts and fabrics.  I also love music.  I made the above quilt as a wedding gift for some musician friends of mine.  The pattern is an easy stack and whack.  I made one with bright pinks and black/white fabrics also.
It's fun to get the heart quilts out every February.  Here is one I made for our bed...It has flying geese all
around, even on top, but the border has been folded back (it's a super queen).
It was too tall for the show it hung in, and it is hard to get a good picture of it on our bed due to the foot board.  It was in a Nancy Halvorsen book; I think the name of the book was "Best Friends."

My BFF Ola and I teamed up on the next one for a sample for the shop where we work (The Quilting Season, Saline, Michigan).  We personalized one of the nine blocks and gave it to my young daughter.  It was an Australian stitchery BOM pattern called "Love Is" (Rosie Quinlan, I think).

I also love making applique hearts in all colors for small wall hangings and table toppers.

I've been collecting Valentine and heart fabrics for a long time and need to make a big scrappy quilt...maybe for next year!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Hi Teresa, Beautiful Valentine's day quilts. I love the one you made for your bed, wow - and the colors, just perfect.
    Happy stitches

  2. You have lots of heart quilts you can display in February. My favorite is the big one with the applique and flying geese border!

  3. You have an absolutely fantastic HEART quilt.
    It's beautiful. I agree with Paula, yours is perfect.

  4. I really like all of the heart quilts but my favorite on is the big bed quilt BEAUTIFUL! HAPPY SEWING!

  5. I love heart quilts too!
    my DD would love that music quilt , what a great idea, may have to start collecting music fabric to make her one like this.
    great idea.
    great quilts, love the pink and white appliqued little hearts!

  6. A very nice collection of hearts.

  7. what a nice quilt show of heart quilts -
    happy friday


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