Monday, November 2, 2009

The groom has appeared...

Hi!  I'm back!  I finally got to do a little sewing, for a change!  This is an original groom I drafted to go into my Civil War Bride Quilt.  He's the fifth block I've finished, so I'm officially done with one quarter of the blocks (oh yeah, then there are the borders....).

Here he is with his sweetie:
I may re-do him, as I was hoping they would look better together...I'm thinking his block is too sparse.  It looks like SHE uses "Miracle Grow" and HE does not.  (She should dump him for a better provider!!)

I have not been doing enough personal sewing lately...that makes me a little grumpy.  I did manage to make Riley a Halloween costume (she was Prof. Umbridge from the Harry Potter books/movie #5). 

I also had to design and make a couple of items for the shop's Holiday Dash, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  This year, the Holiday Dash quilt is a Christmas row style quilt, so I needed to come up with small projects using our block in case our stash dashers wanted to complete something smaller with their set of collected patterns.  I made a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g wall hanging (12 x 56 - that's CRAZY long, but we wanted to show customers they could make a SLICE of a row quilt!).  I also made a more normal sized table topper (that's my rug you see on the corners!).
 In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Oh, I had to chuckle about the Miracle Grow thing!

  2. Teresa, I love your groom block! I hope you don't have to redo it. Maybe you can work in a few more butterflies, pumpkin vines, wheat sheaves, or whatever ... into the existing design. Hope to see you at the LQS soon.


  3. I like your groom block, you can add a few more leaves or flowers to the block. I finished mine too and will make the post up tonight and post it. I have to get use to my block too. Not sure if I like him? Hugs Natima

  4. Mr. Groom block looks great. Love the fabric you choose for the overalls.
    Great quilt.

  5. Your groom block is great and the runner is lovely.Love the fabrics you chose for all.Congrats!

  6. I think your groom has enough going for him on his block. I like it just the way it is. Let's face it us women always have more "stuff" then men do.

  7. You made my morning with your comment on the groom not being a good provider and the bride using Miracle Grow. Maybe he just has to be shown how to garden with love.

  8. Oh, the groom looks like a very trustworthy young man, and responsible too (evident from his harvest). I am sure he and his bride will live happily ever after!


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