Thursday, October 26, 2017

Heritage Quilters of Huntsville Quilt Show - Part 1 of 3

The Heritage Quilters of Huntsville (Alabama) had their Quilt Show a week and a half ago.  The tow quilts I entered won an embarrassment of ribbon riches.  "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" won "First Place" in its category, "Best of Show," then "Viewer's Choice."

I am humbled and thrilled!  It was a great show.  I have spread the quilts over three posts.  I hope you are awed and inspired!

I never won a light blue ribbon before...pretty.

Then, "Contentment" won "First Place" in its category.

Blue ribbon - First Place
Red  ribbon - Second Place
Yellow ribbon - Third Place
White ribbon - Honorable Mention

Enjoy the eye candy!

The following quilt won a "Judge's Choice" ribbon.

The following quilt won "Best Hand Quilting" as well as an "Honorable Mention" ribbon. 

The following quilt won the "Presidents Award" as well as a "First Place" ribbon.

The following quilt earned a "Best Machine Quilting, Track Machine" ribbon as well as "First Place" in its category.

Wasn't this fun??  Two more posts on the show to come!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Congratulations! how wonderful and well deserved.
    I really liked the cowboy quilt and also the dark blue appliqued quilt.

  2. Congratulations on the ribbons. Fantastic. Thank you for all the wonderful quilt pictures. I loved the butterflies made with the 30s fabrics. They are all gorgeous, the wildlife silhouette is gorgeous. FANTASTIC POST.

  3. Congratulations on very well deserved awards. Thank you for sharing such fabulous photos of all of these beautiful entries.

  4. Congratulations on your ribbons--so happy for you--these quilts are beautiful. thanks for the virtual tour hugs, Julierose

  5. congratulations on the ribbons - that quilt deserves as many as you can get! I love seeing all the quilts and so many that still use the older patterns and not the modern ones. The older patterns still call to me although there are some modern patterns that I like.

  6. Looks like there was quite a bit of worthy competition in the applique category. Our guild took a bus trip to that show several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of talented quilters.

  7. That was GRAND fun !!
    besides your quilts
    these stood out
    the cowboy Baltimore
    the funky Chickens that have been on my list for years

    and more to come...... I can't wait......

  8. Squeal!!! No one deserves the recognition more! Congratulations on all those ribbons, but especially "Viewer's Choice". To me "Viewer's Choice" is the most important ribbon. It just means everyone loves it!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful quilts as well. You were in good company.

  9. You definitely deserved ALL of those ribbons!! Thanks for sharing the photos from the show.

  10. Well deserved recognition! Thanks for sharing the photos from the show.

  11. I love when you go to the quilt show, because then I get to see some great quilts. Thank you so much for taking the time to take and load all the pictures.

    Big congrats on your two quilts! You must feel so elated.

  12. Congratulations! What wonderful accomplishments in your quiltmaking. Great photos of the quilts, too. Thanks for sharing it all.

  13. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks for the virtual quilt (part 1) and congratulations on your well-deserved ribbons. I'm curious if the show program book gives descrptions for the quilt to acknowledge the pattern designers since there is no commentary on the labels.

  15. Congratulations!!! Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for the first quilt show tour! Looking forward to the next installments!!!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your very well deserved wins! Thanks for the eye candy of all these wonderful quilts.

  17. Well done, Teresa!! All of your ribbons are well deserved. Baltimore Rhapsody has always taken my breath away, and is definitely a Best-of-Show quilt. I still have it on my list of HAVE-To-Make-This quilts! :)

  18. Oh my ..... I am so thrilled for you! Congrats on those ribbons! they are truly well deserved. Are you still on cloud 9?


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