Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stitching between the raindrops...

I have been trying (like a donkey!) to make my applique prepping and stitching reality catch up with my drawing and computer reality!

I guess I was hungry when I drew the hamburger-fries-pickle plate, and the poor little squirrel has been crammed in my sewing box, patiently awaiting finishing stitches for a while.

And now, there are 16 more prepped blocks waiting for applique stitches and embroidery embellishment.  Pardon the pictures...we have had so many rainy, stormy days this week and the house was really dark and gloomy.  

I will make better pictures of each block when they are stitched, soaked and freshly pressed.

I have to admit that restricting myself to reproduction fabrics for these blocks is not working for me!  Even with an extensive stash of these beauties from which to choose, there just aren't enough nice yellows, purples, oranges, and pinks to please me.  I wish those fabric designers would put out a line with nothing but THOSE many more muted, dark and dirty prints do I need, LOL?!?

All my prepped flower blocks seem muted and a little duller than I like.  Maybe because the spring flowers are just so bright and beautiful outside right now!

These blocks will all finish 6 inches square.  I am looking forward to doing some of them larger (12 inches square) and in BRIGHTER FABRICS!  But these smaller ones are destined for my Repro Madness quilt, which is the result of a swap block project, and the three of us agreed on the color palette months ago...

Also, I find it hard to choose fabrics for some of these detailed blocks from so many figured prints...sometimes the print details of the repro fabrics distract my eye...I miss the brighter tone-on-tones that make it easier to grade and shade the flower blocks.

Computer work toward getting all of this ready to offer is continuing...I want a color picture of each block to put in the web store photo gallery.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I love the hamburger, the cow and the frog! Awesome!!

  2. What fantastic blocks! I love the hedgehog? And the cow and the stork... Wonderful! I totally agree about the repros - we need more brights - they are my favourite fabrics when they are bright and clear not muddy looking.

  3. It does seem that repro fabrics from that period have a lot of gray in them. Nevertheless, your blocks are looking great.

  4. I love the flower blocks!! will you make those patterns available for purchase as well?

  5. The hamburger is a hoot but I prefer the squirrel.

  6. The hamburger is too cute for words.
    How in the world do you prep 16 blocks and still have time to stitch??? I think I must be wasting way too much time on the computer... LOL!

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  8. Love all the blocks but that cow is my favorite. Such a great face. I checked but they are not in your store as of yet. Looking forward to seeing them there.

  9. Simply stunning - ALL of them. I don't know how you do it. Now I am hungry too!


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