Friday, March 11, 2016

Slicing, dicing...and digitizing...

There is progress on slicing, dicing and digitizing BALTIMORE RHAPSODY!  I can now print some of the original patterns in quarters and tape them together and they are perfect!

I have quartered and scanned the brasses and the woodwinds thus far.  It has been quite a computer learning curve for me, I must tell you!  There are probably better computer programs and scanning equipment out there, but I have to utilize what I have for now.  My geeky husband is so busy with work right now that he has been little help, bless him.

And I am doing this without the use of my large flatbed scanner. While I have found the scanner, we cannot seem to find the correct adapter/power cord in all the moving debris.  I really hate that adapter/power cords have to be so specific as to which device you use them for, yet nowhere is it labeled as new favorite pet peeve!  I had this problem with my light box and digital frame as well...oh, if I only ruled the world...

It is raining today, so I hope to quarter and slice the remaining eleven currently available patterns.  Then I have a few new ones to bring up to speed...already posted but not yet published and available on the web store.  It is getting exciting for me!  This is right where I was in May of 2014, before my parents' has taken me this long to find myself again.

I have not forsaken the little 6 inch applique blocks...I am trying to prep and stitch the new ones in my spare time.  It makes more sense to offer them in little bundles of six or nine, so I am trying to round out the groups a bit.

And I got over a MAJOR drafting hurdle this week...the difficulty of drawing the saxophone family for new blocks in the continuing Baltimore Rhapsody project.  These won't be harder than the others to applique, but I had more trouble drawing them because their systems of keys and rods are so complicated!  I found myself "simplifying a bit."

Now comes the challenge of blending each instrument with block elements that not only capture and enhance the instruments character but also fit with the Baltimore album style.  I have been dreaming of New Orleans, jazz, southern, "hip and cool," and Cajun motifs...but in the Baltimore album style...weird, really.

I think about the saxophone/jazz musicians I've known, and some of their personal characteristics don't 'represent well' in the Baltimore album smoking, drinking, marijuana (and worse!), dark bars and speakeasies, playing into the wee hours of the night, etc.  I mean, I can't exactly just draw a cannabis leaf/flower...can I, LOL?  

Some people want these blocks for their sweet little granddaughter who plays saxophone in her school band...there is a disconnect here.

And then there are issues with the folk instruments I have been drawing...I have already blended the banjo with a hound not to go too "country" with those...

I want the four saxophones to work together in a wall hanging or blend well with the other music blocks in a larger quilt...or stand alone as a wall hanging or pillow, of course.

Overall though, it is good to be contemplating this kind of nonsense again!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I am so intrigued by your design mindset. Way out of my league, but I can live it vicariously through you. So glad to see and hear you so much more upbeat.

    A hint about power cords: I label mine with bread wrapper tags.

  2. You are so fortunate to have such artistic talent. Your thought process for the block designs is very interesting. I love the idea of the banjo and hound dog as it is not so very formal in style. You seem to be getting into the groove again.

  3. I am glad things seem to be working out for you. I am sure, you'll have success selling these designs - they're gorgeous!

  4. Love the saxes! I played alto and bari in college many years ago. I think of the saxophone when I think of the Big Band Era - maybe you could incorporate some of that with the designs.

  5. I'm so glad to hear you are finding your new normal. It's nice to see you designing again. I use washi tape to make a label on all my cords, with the name of the device on it.

  6. You are such an incredible artist - your work intrigues me so much and I am so glad you are willing to share it with the rest of us! Keep on slicing, dicing, and digitizing. It is SO worth the effort!


  7. May I suggest cats with your saxes? My son-in-law is a New Orleans jazz sax player, fairly nerdy and very straight! but their two cats are named after jazz greats and "cools cats" is a common idiom.
    Love Baltimore Rhapsody! Someday....

  8. May I suggest cats with your saxes? My son-in-law is a New Orleans jazz sax player, fairly nerdy and very straight! but their two cats are named after jazz greats and "cools cats" is a common idiom.
    Love Baltimore Rhapsody! Someday....

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  10. Got any Trombones stuck in that pencil of yours?! DS2 is a jazz trombonist and I just MIGHT be able to tackle one of your designs. (If he begs me to do applique!!)


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