Saturday, April 25, 2015

Starting to suffer from "Repro Madness"...

I am doing a 6-inch block swap with a couple of friends.  Most of mine will be hand applique and most of theirs will be pieced.  Their piecing is so perfect and mine is less than that by far, so I feel I am getting the best deal!

The only rules are that the blocks must finish 6-inches square and must be made from Reproduction fabrics and scraps.

Neither of us know what we are doing with them yet...not the ultimate size of the project, the number of blocks needed, the setting, NOTHING!  We are flying by the seat of our pants!  I am going to call it "Repro Madness" as a working title.  We will each make three of every block we come up with, then share.

These are my first five offerings.  Some I am designing, some I am borrowing.  I drew the cherries.  

Here I am, using my long beading tweezers, to place my freezer paper patterns on scraps of fabric...the tweezers really make all this tiny, fuddly stuff easier and faster for my clumsy fingers!

This block is from Lori Smith's "Miss Emilie's Garden."

I drew this friendship block...I like messing around with hearts...

Here's another one from Lori Smith...

And also this one...these little applique blocks are a great way to use up all the tiny scraps that I can't seem to throw away.  It doesn't take much fabric to make a little berry!

Here I am working on another set of three blocks over my light box...I am trying to prep as many of these 6-inch blocks as I can in my spare time so that I will have things to stitch on while my quilt cave is disrupted and being moved to Alabama.

It is hard to tell much about this one until I peel off all the freezer paper pattern...

I find the pattern weights essential in doing this method of glue basting/hand applique (and they hide things pretty well to tease you along...).

I have always wanted to make a quilt like "Nearly Insane" or "Dear Jane" with lots of variety in the blocks.  I have several more applique blocks "in the works."  I am hoping to make 25-36 applique blocks (multiplied by three, of course, so we each get one).  

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I can't believe how many blocks you already have done! Are you sleeping at all?

  2. Beautiful work Teresa, I think those piecers got a really good deal.

  3. love the little wreath block. I have never used the weights that you use but then I do needle turn mainly not the prepping style that you do.

  4. Love those cherries! And i like that Lori Smith block--so pretty. Hugs, Julierose

  5. Uh huh. Total insanity but I love them. Our applique group is going to be featuring needle turn applique as we begin our season this month.

  6. What a great project! I think your friends are on the lucky end of this swap - your blocks are delightful and so perfectly appliqued!! Such great fabrics and block patterns - I can't wait to see the cake block?

  7. Such gorgeous block! Your friends are the luckiest people ever :)

  8. Always stunningly precise workman (women) ship! I love the wreath of berries best of all.

  9. Oh, dear -- it will be spectacular but WHAT A LOT of work!

  10. A perfect exchange. Not too many people to make blocks for so that your applique blocks do not become boring to make. I would not like to applique a dozen of the same block to trade. And you do beautiful applique.

  11. Your applique is fabulous as usual -- I agree, those other quilters are getting a great deal! I especially love the reverse appliqued red and yellow flower. Your fabric choices are always perfect.

  12. You are amazing. I can't believe you are going to all that work just to give 2/3rds of the blocks away! Wish I could exchange with you. . .


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