Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show...Part Three...

One of Pearl P. Pereira's Designs at P3 Designs...

This quilt was inspired by Samuel Barber's beautifully sad classical composition, Adagio for Strings.  It took seventeen years to create.

Cheryl made this quilt to celebrate her husband and his thirty years on the Navy...

Made by twin sisters...

I love the use of the dotted black fabric along with the solid black fabric...it makes for a nicely textured background for the bright colors...

There are actual pieces of sea glass adhered to the surface...on the "sand"...

This won third place in the "Wall Quilts Machine Quilted" group...

This depicts the French legend of the Lily of the Valley...

A round robin quilt that traveled between Florida and Michigan, Canada, and China...

This won an honorable mention in the "Wall Quilts Machine Quilted" group...

It is fun for me to study them up close as I post them...I hope you are enjoying the show as well...

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. A variety today. I love Baltimore Albums - oh, and the stitching of the Shell collector - lookat the work in the border. Thank you for sharing today.

  2. I love quilts... I could look at them for hours... thanks for the great pictures! :)

  3. Thank you for your time to,put these post-show posts together!

  4. I have enjoyed them very much - thanks!

  5. Thank you! No one had sent me a picture of my quilt "Waiting..." hanging at the show and I was unable to attend. Wonderful pictures, and wonderful quilts in your very nice picture report of the show overall. :D Betty Jo Tatum

  6. Wow!! Thank you for sharing these photos!!

  7. It is great revisiting the show. I could go there again and see (and spend) more. I agree on the use of the dotty fabric in the Sedona quilt. Sparkly yet subtle effect.

  8. Thanks for the pictures of the quilts. I see a lot of them that should have a ribbon!! Specially a Baltimore quilt depicting the love of music!! May the quilt be seen and loved by quilters.

  9. Oh The Shell Collector would win my vote!!!

  10. I agree with Judy Dietrich - amazing works - glad I didn't have to decide - I'd need more ribbons. I especially liked The Shell Collector and Waiting (among others :-)


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