Friday, April 4, 2014

Playing with tiny thimbles...'s is not news that I am addicted to fabric and quilting.  Well, the sneaky secret is that I am really addicted to reproduction fabrics (like there are degrees of addiction...).  I have a few containers of them...they are just so beautiful. 

I have a few scrappy reproduction works in progress.  I just think the fabrics are deep, rich, and gorgeous.  Since I can't throw any scraps away, I cut out these tiny little thimbles.  (I also get the repro scraps that my friends throw away...)

Anyway, my Dad's birthday was in March (83 years young...), and I made him a little mug rug to put by his computer to mind his mug and snacks while he works away.  

(and look who woke up long enough to sneak into the picture...he is looking indignant and refusing to smile for the camera because I just peeled him off the quilt where he had plopped down...)

I machine pieced the tiny thimbles and hand quilted the finished rug, first quilting in the ditch around all pieces and the stop border, then coming up with a simple swag with hearts for the outer border.

I love the way it looks with the antique bobbins (I "lightened" the picture a bit to show the hand quilting around the outer border).  

Some day I want to make a larger quilt with those tiny thimbles...they are really fun to work with!  Maybe I should make a larger mat to put on the table I made from the treadle pedestal, since this piece looks so nice on the floor under it!  The sewing machine and cabinet had been ruined by water in an old barn and were beyond saving when I bought the old base.  My Dad cut and routed a simple but beautiful hard wood table top for me to stain, finish, and attach to the base.

My daughter and I are off for a few days to check out Oberlin, Rhodes, Vanderbilt, and U of Alabama a little closer.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I do have plans for a queen size thimble quilt - I'm not sure when I will start it I have the fabric, now I need to cut

  2. My oldest daughter graduated from Oberlin. It is a gorgeous campus and so nice because the classes are small.

  3. Oh, and I almost forgot, they have a really nice yarn shop and Quilt shop too in such a small town! That was a plus for me :)

  4. This is very sweet - I have a small tumbler twin quilt going - slowly.

  5. This is so sweet! And, of course, it's the perfect size little mat for that sweet kitty! lol

  6. OH, I like that!!! I have a boatload of scraps that I really need to do something with and I bet they would look great like this. Thanks for the idea. Give Weasley a scratch behind the ears for me.

  7. What a wonderful gift! Love that scrappy goodness!

  8. Hey that's so beautiful! I bet your Dad will love it.

  9. SO very cute!! I have trouble throwing small scraps out too :0) A lovely gift and your handquilting is the perfect touch!

  10. What a great gift! your Dad will love it :)

  11. That is really pretty. I'm working with some of the repro Civil War fabrics (and others) in a quilt right now. I've never had much love for them until now, but the more I see them - the more I like them. Or let's just be honest - I like fabric. Period.

  12. I knew I like you for a good reason Teresa, I love reproduction fabrics too! Your thimbles are just gorgeous, I think there will be one in my future ... well, maybe more tumblers than thimbles, but at least the very same shape.
    Hope you're having a great weekend

  13. Those teeny thimbles are so sweet! I love the way they look in reproduction fabrics. Have fun on your road trip. I have good memories of doing that with my daughter!


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