Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The "CONTENTMENT" quilt - block #7, our wedding day...

Your calendars aren't wrong, it really is November 6...things have been challenging, so the posting of this block is late.  This is the 7th block for my "CONTENTMENT" quilt, a story quilt celebrating our life together.  The block finishes 10" square and is part of our 20th anniversary celebration.

Here we are in front of the beautiful "Garten Verien" (historic German Garden Club), where we were married on Galveston Island, TX in October of 1993.  It was a fantastic octagonal wooden building with lots of "gingerbread" wooden trim set in a pretty municipal park.

I had so much fun drafting a wedding cake block for my version of the Civil War Bride Quilt (pictured below) - I thought I would do another cake block to represent our wedding day for this quilt project (especially since there is a "story" surrounding the cake...).

While in college, I worked as a commercial cake decorator at Auburn University.  This included about 100 wedding cakes.  To save money on our wedding and to make sure we got exactly what we wanted, I decided to do ours.  Since we were having a smallish wedding, we decided to only have one groom's cake.  

That simply isn't done down south, LOL..."people will talk...what, no white bride's cake?  And no groom's cake shaped like half a bottle of Budweiser Beer?!?"  (I actually had to do a couple of those...sigh)

Anyway, Steve wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Again, in the south, that simply isn't done..."people will talk..."

(Remember the red velvet groom's cake in the movie "Steel Magnolias" in the shape of an armadillo??  I LOVED that, but didn't want one at my wedding...not even in Texas!)

But I digress...

I decided to just frost the cake, decorate it with piped borders, and let the florist put fresh flowers on and around it.  It was simple, pretty, and delicious.

Well, we all had a little too much fun at the dinner the night before the wedding, so even though I had the cake layers baked, I did not start frosting and decorating until after midnight.  

To my horror, I realized I was low on cocoa, milk and chopped pecans, which I was putting between the layers.  One of my brothers was dispatched to the Kroger, the only real grocery store on Galveston Island where we lived, to procure the needed ingredients.

Well, the grocery store closed at midnight.  My brother, thinking of bribery, knocked on the door until a stock boy came to see what he wanted.  My brother handed him $20, carefully explaining that he needed cocoa, nuts, and milk, and told him he could keep the change.

My brother returned with a bag of coconut, and couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell the story...he's hilarious...not.  To this day, he still talks about that twenty dollar bag of coconut.

I ended up modifying my plan and managed to make just enough lighter chocolate frosting to frost the layers and pipe the borders...I did not use the coconut.

The cake was still delicious, and we have such a fun, stupid story to remember about our special day.  There are no Norman Rockwell occasions, are there?  I think it's better that way...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Love love love the story - just a special block to your story quilt.

  2. Oops. ... how did Weasley get the honor of laying on that quilt? Yes, I noticed and was shocked. I do love that photo of him curled in the hoop - looks so like my Bella.

  3. We all have crazy stories about our weddings. I made a suit for our wedding and I was sewing on buttons as guests were arriving. Your story proves we all have memories. The block is beautiful. Chris

  4. Much more interesting and entertaining this way!!!

  5. I love your ideas for this contentment quilt; and I like your header...hugs, Julierose

  6. Sitting here reading your post LOL!!!!!!! Beautiful.

  7. Haha!! What a fun story. And the cake was gorgeous. :D

  8. Wonderful wedding cake story and a beautiful bridal couple!

  9. What a great story. And did "people talk" about the chocolate wedding cake?? I bet it was delicious!

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  11. Lovely block and cute story. DH and I had banana cake with whipped cream frosting. Obviously not something they make in the Midwest. He still tells everyone about his wedding cake and how good it was.

  12. Well now people are for sure talking about this wedding cake!
    Such a wonderful story about an adorable couple!
    Love the quilt block!

  13. I see Weasley still tries to prevent you quilting....;o))))

  14. Such a wonderful, fun story about your wedding. Love the wedding cake block, as well as all the others, too!

  15. Great block and wonderful cake story!!
    can't believe you made your own wedding cake ! crazy and fabulous

  16. I love this post on your blog. I laughed out loud about the coconut for the cake. too funny. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your blocks come to life. You are amazing at what you do! Fabric and sewing is my therapy too. I thought you followed my blog but I do not see it on the right of your blog!
    Hugs, beebee

  17. you made a beautiful bride! I forgot to include that in my previous post


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