Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This is what we awoke to this morning...a decapitated Christmas tree!  It blew over a couple of times yesterday (it is the windy midwest, after all...), and I had my husband wire the tip top of the tree to the gazebo ceiling before we went to bed.

It was windy last night, and the top stayed, but the base blew sideways...WEIRD!!  This tree is my infamous indoor tree that failed a couple of weeks ago (remember me whining about it?!?).  I threw the base away (it was the most broken, with saggy branches).  We put more lights on the top and middle and put it outside in the gazebo.  I'm beginning to think this artificial tree is haunted!

On a related note, look at these FABULOUS cannibal gingerbread cookie ornaments I ordered from CrookedSister on Etsy...they are right up my twisted alley!  Happy Birthday to me! 
OK, OK, I'm not completely weird and twisted.  My nativity scene is pretty normal (when my daughter is not sneaking things into it...an outhouse ornament, the abominable snowman doll, Harry Potter

I still love to get Riley's Fisher Price nativity scene from her toddler years out.  Riley likes to arrange that one as well.  (I removed The Grinch, Buzz Lightyear, and the Freud and crazy cat lady figerines before taking the picture.  Apparently there were more guests than just the 3 Wise Men at the manger...who knew?!?)
They don't call me "terrible T" for nothin'!  But look at THESE fabulous T's.  Look at this beautiful quilt my BFF, Ola, made me for my birthday.  Yes...I am still pinching myself and mumbling, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy..."
Apparently, spreading out a quilt or quilt project makes the same sound has shaking the kitty treat pouch.  Weasley just can't help himself.
I love how the T's tessellate, and they are all made from repro fabrics.  I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

This is my favorite bumblegum pink.  I'm pretty sure this was quilted my Rhonda Loy of Dexter, Michigan.
I am frantically trying to finish getting this string star hand quilted.  I think I will make it...I am almost there.  I went ahead and bound it so that I can finish it on the road, if I can keep Wee Willy Winkie awake long enough to take a shift driving, I just might do it.
Shamefully, it is a gift promised LAST Christmas.  Note to self: NEVER show an incomplete project to the future recipient...it removes all momentum from finishing it.

Fortunately, this Bargello quilt hangs in my living room all year, but it looks like I hung it up in preparation for Christmas.
I did manage to find one little unquilted place - right behind the front door - to hang this little vertical sampler banner.
I managed to get a second tree decorated on the piano (and I only had to do it once!!).  It contains our musical instrument ornament collection.
 I love those tiny little rice lights...
And I just had to show you one of my guilty little obsessions.  I just love old antique bobbins and spools.  I only buy them if they are cheap, and they bring such joy for some reason.
Guess what I am baking later today...
Good luck with all your last minute Christmas preparations!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. That *is* weird (the haunted tree). And I'm laughing at those gingerbread babies. :D

  2. I think I might have to make some Zombie gingerbread ornaments.......you have got me thinking.

    What a wonderful friend to make you a quilt!

    And I collect the old spools too. Their fun. :)

  3. Love, love the T quilt! What a fabulous gift!! That bubblegum pink is a favorite of mine too - I have a little piece in my stash to savor yet :0)
    Good luck with the quilting - it's a great quilt. I like how you're quilting it - looks like an antique.

  4. Years ago I saw some "disaster" gingerbreadmen...one had a "tire" track across him, another gunshot...it was a for a twisted group of Medical Examaminers

  5. LOL - your decapitated tree sure made me giggle! Goes well with the gingerbread ornaments! LOL

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. The thought of Buzz Lightyear towering over the Nativity makes me smile for some reason. I would love to come over for some warm banana bread and coffee. Hope you and your family have safe travels and a Merry Christmas.

  7. I'm with Weasley--just love that "T" quilt...hmmmm, another one to add to my list of "want to do" hubby is Tommy--wouldn't that be fun....Julierose Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

  8. I cracked up over your gazebo tree! What a hoot. I have to agree that maybe it's time to let that one go - haunted?? LOL Love, love the gingerbread men, too. Those are so right up my alley. I may have to check her etsy shop out for next year. Too, too cute!

    Oh my! What a WONDERFUL friend to make you such an awesome quilt! I know you will cherish it forever. Those of us that quilt and are usually on the giving end of those quilts appreciate receiving them even more. Lovely! And the label is perfect! Happy Birthday, by the way! :0)

    Your home is lovely. You are so right about the bargello quilt. It's beautiful and looks perfect for this time of the year. I also love your sampler wall hanging. Very nice. And I LOVE LOVE your music Christmas tree! PERFECT!

    I'll be right over to have a yummy piece of that banana bread and some coffee. Just a little cream, please. :0)

    Merry, merry Christmas to you and your family! I look forward to all that you have up your sleeve for the coming year. :0) BIG hugs from Texas!

  9. Your haunted tree needs a proper burial. Let it go, Teresa. It served you well, but it deserves to go out with dignity. It's time, Teresa, it's time.

  10. Too funny about your haunted tree! And those quilts are beautiful.....what an amazing gift that 'T' quilt is! Beautiful! And those gingerbread ornaments are to die for! My hubby and I both had a good laugh at it! Thanks!

  11. Those are some wonderful quilts! Such a great friend; I would have a hard time parting with that beauty!

  12. I Love the gingerbread people!!!! You made my day....now I must make some for myself!!
    Merry Christmas

  13. Tereas you are so funny. I'm thinking of haunted trees, butchered gingerbread men and nativity aliens. Christmas at your place must be fun.

  14. Love your T quilt! It's gorgeous! And happy birthday a little bit late! Tomorrow is my 50th, so I'm enjoying my very last night of being in my 40s....Where have the years gone?

    I also love your boxer rebellion quilt - too funny!

  15. Your tree gave me a chuckle. How funny! I love the little quilt hanging by your door. Very sweet.

  16. That tree is cursed you know. Love the gingerbread men, I made some like that last year. I guess your making banana bread, yummo.

  17. So funny - I love those gingerbread ornaments, twisted but hilarious!
    banana bread is so good as french toast, try it you won't be sorry!
    Your T quilt is awesome and I love the scrappy stars too -

  18. Oh, how lovely to have a dear friend make you that quilt for your birthday! Kinda sets the bar high for the next time, huh?

  19. funny what happened to the tree. Is it fake> then it would be easy to snap back together.... and then there is always duct tape :-D

    Merry Christmas.
    Love the boxers quilt. Why do men get the best fabrics for undies and shirts?

    Those gingerbread ornaments look yummy

  20. oops, that poor christmas tree - but great photo of it! love the cannibal cookie ornaments. would have preferred to see the fun nativity scenes!!! you have an outhouse ornament???? hee hee hee. beautiful quilt your friend made you and I love the Weasley pics. merry christmas!

  21. We have had tree troubles this year too! I had to laugh when I saw yours! Thanks for the lovely tour of your home decorated for Christmas.

  22. Oh, Your birthday quilt is just so great. Happy New Year.

  23. Your "T" quilt is awesome. I really like your Christmas sampler wall hanging.

  24. Love the gingerbread men. Hilarious!


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