Thursday, September 1, 2011

That will put starch in your shorts...

I have learned WAY more about the anatomy of a pair of boxer shorts than I initially thought necessary while working on this little project called "Boxer Rebellion."  (If you are just joining me here, click back 2-3 posts to get the skinny on this one.)  When you cut away the elastic waistband and the ridiculous little trap door in the front, you get three main pieces of fabric.  The piece pictured above is the rear panel (literally), then there are two larger pieces that make up the sides and fronts.  I had no idea they were so complicated, even though I have folded them hundreds of times after doing the laundry! 

Due to age, and a little blended polyester, the fabric is really thin.  Frankly, I don't know what was holding some of these together!  Next time I plan a sassy little project, I should check out the quality of the ingredients first!  I am having to use spray starch to stiffen these up a little in order to piece the blocks that will accompany the three applique squares.
Then I needed to audition some "neutral" pieces of light blue from my stash...most of the boxers are really dark.  I am also going to throw in some bright orange just to shake things up a bit.

Here are the first two pieced blocks for the project, "Contrary Wife" and "The Dandy."

After the starching, the plaids are even wonkier than they were before...I guess that will just add to the charm.
The quilt will consist of 3 applique blocks and 9 pieced blocks, all finishing to 7.5 inches square.  I'm thinking the pieced blocks will be sampler style, with no two block patterns being the same.
I popped in at the Saline Community Fair this week at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds.  I entered a couple of quilts for exhibition.  Michigan no longer has a state fair, due to budget concerns, but this community fair continues.  I love walking around the exhibition building and seeing all the lovely things that people have entered...quilts, sewing, knitting/crocheting, flowers, food, photographs, antiques, collections, animals.  It's a great slice of America that is slowly dying, I'm afraid.   

"All Around the Town" continues its winning streak taking Best of Show.

"Wickedly Liberated" earned a second place ribbon...with the limited hanging space, it wasn't the best quilt to enter.  It was probably hard for spectators to get my full meaning with half of the words folded away, out of sight.  It is a big quilt!

I had to visit the baby animal barn.  Just look at this sweet little baby horsie.
And this handsome character is either Chip...or Dale.  They weren't talking...

These two porkers were awaiting the judging.  They prove that there is someone for everyone.
They were all scrubbed and looked ready for Sunday School.

The judging for the flowers took place a day or two ago, but many blooms were still beautiful.
I'm sure this sunflower looked better for the judges...I took a picture of it because that's how I feel sometimes, LOL.
I picked a good time to go...the booths making deep fried butter-on-a-stick and funnel cakes were not cooking yet.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I am loving your boxer rebellion quilt! I now have a new outlook on my husband's boxers! :D :D :D

    Love, love the photos of the quilts and animals at the fair. We love going to our county fair. It's a highlight of the summer. And isn't is just a shame that Michigan's state fair is no longer? I hope that changes in the future. Sad statement.

    Enjoy your boxer quilting!

  2. wow, wow. last things first. congrats on your fair entries. all around town is my favorite too, so much to explore and see. than there is the boxer project, so many thoughts come to mine, from the little guy to starched boxers. i'll walk away now. :>)

  3. Hooray! Congrats on your well deserved ribbons!

  4. No state fair?!!! That's outrageous! It's an "Institution" here in Iowa. Who says,"You can't make a sow out of a pig's ear."? Your "Boxer Rebellion" proves that wrong!

  5. Congrats on your ribbons. That is awesome. Our fair is in Oct and I will be entering a few things.
    I love this idea you are working on with the boxers.

  6. Boxer rebellion is coming along very cute. My small group is called the contrary quilters - I think some in the guild are afraid of us - but it is taken from the Contrary Wife block :)
    I love the fair! Thanks for all the pictures and congrats on the continued winning of your quilt. Some of my friends wanted me to put the bride in the NE state fair, but I couldn't quite part with it, I like seeing it on the wall everyday.

  7. How do you deep fry butter on a stick? Congratulations on 2 more ribbons! Your progress on your boxer quilt is fun to watch.

  8. Congrats friend!! Your quilt so deserve it and your workmanship too!
    I wanna go to a state fair = no fair. I'll have to look into that.
    Plaids are hard to control, lol. Yours look great!

  9. Congratulations on the wins!! Well deserved. Love the progress on the "Boxer Rebellion" Love looking at the fair pictures. The babies are so sweet.

  10. Congrats on the wins again Teresa, your boxer quilt makes me smile. Tell this Aussie please, what on earth is 'deep fried butter on a stick'??? Is it as fatty and calorie filled as it sounds..?

  11. I'm not surprised your all around the town is winning prizes, congratulations!! Absolutely gorgeous animal pics, and yes, please explain to another Aussie bout deep fried butter on a stick, oh my goodness!!!! xo

  12. Congrats on the wins for your quilts. Maybe those starched boxers will have ribbons too soon. Cute baby animals and don't eat too much fried butter! How does it stay on the stick?

  13. wow, your from close to my hometown. I grew up in addison and i love saline, what a pretty town! my plaids go wonky too when i have a thin shirt... drives me nuts. I was wondering how you were dealing with the thin material of boxers. looks much more manageable starched!

  14. The blocks are looking fantabulous!! I would imagine that the hind end of those shorts would be a bit thin, at least this project will not have to be wash often LOL.

    Congrats on the wins!! Best of Show was well deserved :0)


  15. I LOVE this post! But as a donkey breeder, I have to point out, thats not a baby horsie, thats a baby donkey! :D cheers!


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