Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Proof-less Tuesday...

There is a saying, "the proof is in the pudding" - I don't even know what that means.  Well, the proof isn't in the post.  I have been very productive the past few days, but I have no pictures to share to prove it.
  • I'm ready to baste Boxer Rebellion so that I can quickly hand quilt it. 
  • I've picked out and cut border strips to finish my positive/negative chain scrappy quilt.
  • I've hand appliqued more little repro basket blocks.
  • I've cleaned up the quilt cave and filed fabrics and patterns.
  • I've caught up on LONG overdue mending of daughter and husband's clothes...zzzzzzzz...
  • I've been drafting a VERY exciting original applique pattern, but I can't share it yet. 
The last item is VERY exciting to me!  I've always wanted to design my own projects.  Hell, I change everyone else's patterns...it was time to get off the fence, stick my neck out there and just do it!

Before I share what I am working on, I need to learn how to watermark photos of my original work and find the best drawing/design software to make publish-able (is that a word?) copies to share or sell, not that I'm counting on anyone really wanting what I do.

When I was re-drafting Civil War Bride blocks a couple of years ago and making up some new ones, some people wanted the patterns.  I was delighted!  They were just scribbles and I was embarrassed to share them...they reminded me of kindergarten art you find on most household refrigerators.

I wasn't worried about posting pictures of Boxer Rebellion...I mean, if someone wanted to "borrow" my doodles of my naked husband (from the waist up), I felt like, "have at it!"

But this new project is really special, and I've never seen it done...ANYWHERE, so I want to protect my work and make it presentable.

SO...if anyone has any suggestions about design software, PDF writers, copyright rules for quilt designs, photo software that will watermark pictures...PLEASE share!  Then I can share pictures of what I've been up to.  I'm dying for you to see it...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. You have been busy. I think when I take time off from blogging is when I can be more productive! Just sayin' LOL

    I really can't wait to see that applique pattern of yours! Will we have to wait long for it :D :D ??

  2. Sounds like you had your hands way too full to blog! Can't wait to see the results!

  3. If you go to Vicki Welsh's site http://vickiwelsh.typepad.com/field_trips_in_fiber/
    she has some information about how to watermark your photos and probably about the copyright information.

    Good luck!

  4. oh teresa,thats sounds exiting!can`t wait to see some pictures,hugs,susi

  5. Hi -
    Good idea and one Ive been thinking about too. Maybe we can chat on the phone and exchange ideas.
    I'll have to check out Vicki's site for the watermark too. I've tried to figure it out and can't.
    I got your $$ for the raffle quilt, and I'll fill them out and send you a photo of my work.

  6. pc or mac? I found Picasa to be the best way to watermark or add text. it's free, which is a big plus. so much easier to use than Photoshop Elements.

  7. I have done very little applique, but since looking at some of your projects, I am almost ready to buy it sight unseen. Wishing you well on your "research and development" phase....and hurry, please...

  8. A very good idea to 'own'your original work - I hope you can work it out soon so we can have a peak at what you've been up to :-) (PS Sounds like you've been very busy and how admirable that you even did some mending!)

  9. Well, it is about time!! I've seen some of your beautiful work, and I'm just thrilled for you and excited to see what you have done. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. I know you can draw beautifully, so oooh my hands are rubbing together in anticipation :)

  10. I'm no help with software but I can't wait to see your design!!

  11. Congratulations!!


    Because I'm a nerd...........

    The original saying is "the proof of the pudding is in the eating", basically meaning that something has to be experienced/utilized in order to prove how good it is.

    I use a watermark directly from Picasa. When you export the photo from the program to your computer, you'll see an option at the bottom of the box.

  12. How v exciting Teresa cannot wait to see your pattern. xo

  13. Try picnik .. Free web sw. Love the boxer quilt.

  14. I am very excited for you, I can't wait to see what your working on and I am sure I will be wanting to order the pattern! go for it!

  15. Good for you! And don't put down the potential of your work before it's even done. You might be the next quilt design superstar!

    Although there is a lot of copyright info out there, two I know off the top of my head are in book "The Insiders Guide to Quilting Careers" by Merry May and Linda Hahn (both designers) and "Publish Your Patterns!" by Nancy Restuccia.

    If you have old issues of QNM, they did a series of articles on copyright back in 1998 and 2000 and a few other articles in the years since. Download the Pattern & Subject indexes (in .pdf form) from their website to see which specific issues have articles.

  16. For watermarking photos I use this: http://plumamazing.com/mac/iwatermark I found it has more options than Picasa. As for drawing/design software that depends on exactly what you want to do. There a tons of them out there. What will probably help you the most is to get something like this: http://www.wacom.com/en/Products/Inkling.aspx for drawing your appliqué designs.

  17. I use photoshop for my photos Teresa, so I use it to make my watermarks too, but you can do it in Picassa, it's pretty basic though and from memory just a stamp in the corner which doesn't really do much....
    Good luck

  18. Oh how very exciting for you, I'm busting to see it because your drawings are really something special.


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