Friday, September 2, 2011

Heart Attack-on-a Stick...

Yum (not!)...that's deep fried butter-on-a-stick.  In my last post, I mentioned having entered quilts in a local community fair and mentioned this new midway delicacy.

This was introduced, I think, at the Iowa State Fair, or at least it was highly publicized at THIS year's Iowa State Fair and the circus of the surrounding Presidential Republican Party Straw Poll.

Some of my blogger friends from "down under" and other points across the globe commented or sent emails asking about this intriguing "food" item.  Well, this post is for YOU!  I hope you have a strong stomach.  I feel my arteries hardening just posting the pictures!

Americans will deep fry ANYTHING!  Maybe that is why this country is so fat.  Here is a link to how to make deep fried butter-on-a-stick - you HAVE to see it to believe it:

But this isn't the first deep fried popular item offered at fairs and carnivals all over this country.  There are many new, weird items that have hit the midway in recent years.  Here is a deep fried Twinkie.  The original snack cake has been around for years - literally!  They would have been a good item for cold war bomb  shelters due to their long shelf life.  As if they couldn't get more unhealthy:

Then there are deep fried Oreo cookies:

Deep fried pecan pie:

Deep fried avocados:

This is the "Zucchini Weenie":

Deep fried pickles:

Deep fried deviled eggs:

Chocolate-covered, deep fried bacon:

Funnel cakes being fried:

Deep Fried White Castle Cheeseburgers:

Deep fried frog legs:

Deep fried beer pockets:

Deep fried green beans (I guess they were too healthy alone...):

Deep fried Kool-Aid balls:

Corn dog pizza:

Deep fried strawberries:

Deep fried candy bars: I think I'm going to be this point you are either repulsed or heading out to find a state fair.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. OMG Teresa, I'm feeling rather queasy right now!! I cannot believe people eat these. You are so great putting up all of these pics for us Oz girls to see, thank you so much (I think!!!). Ps, anyone got a kleenex, I think somethings dripping down his arm! xo

  2. Well, I do like funnel cakes but most of the rest sounds awful. You are right that we Americans will fry anything.

  3. Urg. I'm with you - that doesn't look the least bit appetizing. At our local Western Washington Fair, the first food-related place I hit is the Fisher Scone stand. Gotta have a scone with raspberry jam - it's all about the delivery system for the jam, basically.

  4. fried butter Gross, I do like funnel cakes though.
    that fried butter was not appetizing at all. who would eat that?

  5. whoa.... deep fried butter? what's next? deep fried lard? mercy!

    altho, I have to admit that those deep fried pickles were much better than expected! ...and I can't go to a Fair without having a funnel cake 8-)

  6. I guess the easiest way to make food at the fairs is to fry it? I must admit I rarely go to fairs and rarely but the food - I'm an oddity I guess, the only thing I usually get is a hot dog or funnel cake and the hot dog is a normal hot dog not fried :)

  7. Our county fair starts soon, I'm staying away from that stuff!!

    If you change your comments to 'pop up window' it would be a lot easier to leave comments.

  8. I can't even imagine eating all that stuff. Although I have eaten the fried pickles and do like those. The rest - UGH!! I can't imagine eating deep fried butter at all!

  9. I like funnel cakes - but then I may have one in about 5-6 yrs! But mercy me!!

  10. My heart values are closing reading this post.

    I feel my ticker stopping....

  11. Egads!! I'm an American, and I can't stand the thought of eating any of these selections beyond perhaps the green beans! (but they're so good left healthy, why mess them all up?)

  12. I knew that there was a reason that I never went to our State Fair. I see no reason in going now either. I'm sure that they are selling the same here in TN. I think that I will go and chomp on a handful of dried cranberries! They're healthy aren't they?
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN (Nashville burb)

  13. OMG. I have tried to swear off anything fried. Reading your post does turn the stomach. Having said that, I love funnel cakes. The state of Michigan no longer has a state fair due to budget cuts. Perhaps the state will experience collective weight loss.

  14. Sorry, but none of these sound interesting to me. Actually made me kind of grossed out. I think I will stick with my healthier food. Thanks for sharing any way.

  15. I like funnel cakes, frog legs, the green beans are great, and so are the snickers bars, the pickles are good too and the oreos make you wanna say where is the milk? I have had my share over the years. Usually once is enough especially if it is sweet like the snickers and the oreos. TGIFridays has the green beans on their appetizer list and I love them when we go there too.

  16. We are just as bad in Scotland. Do you know they deep fry Mars bars in a batter here and you can also have a deep fried pizza in batter from the fish and chip shop. Pure stodge!

  17. That's amazing. I've heard of fried ice cream and fried Mars bars (choc you have them in the US?) but none of that other stuff.
    I'm not sure I could eat that even only once a year.

  18. Whoaaaa...I think I'm sorry I asked..!! That's amazing Teresa and thanks for going to all that trouble to explain, I was just about to tell you about the Scots and deep fried Mars bars but I see you've already heard..! I think the most repulsive (after the deep fried butter) would have to be the bacon covered in chocolate....serious gag factor...

  19. I wouldn't eat 99% of that stuff though a funnel cake is good (more for the powdered sugar on it) and as one commenter said the fresh "baked" scones at the Wa state fair are worth standing in line for a few times :0)


  20. Sorry to do this to you again, but what in the world is a funnel cake? Shaped like a funnel, is it also deep fried? I think the problem stems from your access to cheap oil! LOL.

  21. It's the same at the NC state fair! Every kind of fried candy bar you can think of. There are also dozens of vendors selling turkey drumsticks. It's the weirdest mix of food I've ever seen.

  22. We have a huge fair here every year. I think it may be possible to gain five pounds just walking around and smelling all the grease. Yuck! (Although I will indulge in a gyro or a lemon shake-up. :) )

  23. Hi, Teresa. Finally made it back to your blog. I was hoping for pics of recycled clothing, but this is ... EEEEEW!

    I'd rather see boxers any time.


  24. Oh that is so wrong. Deep fried bacon with chocolate too? Gads, where's the toilet bowl.....


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