Monday, September 27, 2010

Cute little doll quilts...DONE!!

I have finished hand quilting all three of Mary Jones' reproduction doll quilts and she has bound the first two.
Her piecing work is absolutely perfect and color choices amazing.  My crappy photography doesn't show it, but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is square, straight and perfectly true in every way.  (Any pointers out there on how to make a perfectly rectangular quilt look like a perfect rectangle in a picture??)  No marking required for the first little quilt.  I quilted through the center squares on every diagonal and did a chevron design in the outer border, outlining part of the flying geese blocks.
This second one, a "broken dishes" pattern, has little hearts quilted to soften the blocks and a swag around the outside border with more hearts in the outer corners.  The inner blocks are also quilted on the diagonal.

I will photograph the third one when I see Mary again...I'm sure she has it bound by now, as, in addition to being so gosh darn precise, she is SPEEDY!!

If you have never checked out Fun With Barb and Mary, you really need to!  Barb has a great sense of humor, interesting posts, and does beautiful work.  In her latest post, she shows apple core shapes of Halloween fabrics for a project she laid out on at a retreat.  She would LOVE some tips on machine piecing them.  It will be a stunning project.  If you have some valuable experience with this kind of project, please help her out and leave a comment.  I would love to see her finish this project so that I can copy it, LOL!  After all, imitation IS the highest form of flattery!  (with all credit given, where credit is due, of course...)

Barb is also working on a selvage project that is really cool!  As I told Barb, I wish I had a dime for every selvage I've ever discarded, then I would have more money to buy fabric (and more selvages, more dimes, more fabric, and more selvages.....).  It seems like I was telling someone in the class I was teaching yesterday about all the cool things you could do with those selvages...(hey Laura, click on the link above!).

Well, I suppose I've procrastinated enough at this point.  I am supposed to be cutting in and painting two bathroom ceilings.  Doesn't that sound exciting?!?  I will be dreaming about quilting while I am working. 

One of the bathrooms is my infamous "chicken bathroom," which houses chicken quilts and related artifacts that used to occupy my "chicken kitchen" in my previous house.  I had to take everything down to paint, so I should take and post pictures.  These two quilts started some vicious rumor a few years back that I collect chicken related fabrics.  As a result of this overstated rumor, I have an overflowing tub of chicken fabrics.  The result of this tub was using a "chicken theme" on an "around the block" round robin quilt with 10 other very talented quilters (I thought picking this theme and piecing the back for the resulting quilt would get rid of all the chicken fabric).  HA!

Now I have a tub of chicken fabrics that is twice as big.

How does this happen??

I will post the chicken quilts and discuss the ever exploding chicken fabric bin next time.

Have you ever been falsely labeled the collector of a certain kind of chickens, Elvis, mushrooms, owls, witchcraft/wizardry?  Do tell!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. dear teresa,the doll quilts are very cute and they look real oldfashioned,have a nice time,susi

  2. Cute quilts and gorgeous hand quilting. You could always just mail that chicken fabric to someone anonymously or have a chicken give away.

  3. Very cute little quilts and your quilting choices are wonderful and very complimentary to the quilts.

    I've been following Barb ever since she and Mary decided to share a blog and Mary even before that. She does have lovely eye candy on her blog :0)

    Have fun painting :0{


  4. Hi!
    Thanks for the really nice shout out!
    I'm still catching up on my blog reading and you made my day!!
    I love your chicken fabric story. I have a friend whos sister decided she collected snowmen - and now its snowmen every year for does this happen?

    I look for the chicken quilt - cluck cluck

  5. So sweet and a joy to quilt I'm sure!

  6. Love the little quilts. As a lover of bright colors they really appeal to me. And I too, am a chickenholic (is that a word?). Would love to see your chicken quilt(s).


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