Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not in Kansas any more...

"Wickedly Liberated" is finished and ready to quilt.  I wanted to have it machine-quilted, but some of the bulky trims/embellishments may remove that option.  Weasley jumped in the picture...he got all excited when he thought we might be "getting" some doggies!  Here's a picture without him...
I'm pleased with the bottom-right corner house, and I ended up free-piecing a witch hat in the top-left corner to balance.  I had an extra one of Mary J's liberated witch blocks...I wish I had put it where the witch hat is now, but I think I have another, SMALLER, project in mind for that.

Thank you to all my liberated lady swap group for contributing to my top: Ola, Mary J, Judy E, Ellen, Kathy, Jean, Judy T, Chris, Mary H, Mary Liz, Margit, Barb N, Marilyn, Cindy, Cheryl, and Beth.  And thanks to Tonya of Lazy Gal Quilting (and Lynne of Patchery Menagerie and Bonnie of Quiltville's Quips & Snips) for all the visual inspiration on making the free-pieced letters.  There are many more of THOSE in my future!

(Weasely, waiting to "get" the doggies...where are they?!?)
(Nessa the witch is having a "bad house day"...)

We are having another blazing hot day in southeast lower careful of the heat (or cold) wherever you are!

In stitches (and in Oz),
Teresa   :o)


  1. dear teresa,the quilt is wonderful,and so unique again,like your cwbq,have a nice day,susi

  2. Like your embellishments and border. The wacky lettering really sets the mood of the quilt.

  3. What a wonderful and unique (master) piece of work.
    The lettering is lovely and I just want to read and look more...

  4. What a delightful quilt...and I think kitty agrees!

  5. I love it! I love the squished witch!!! try to stay cool... im from addison (just below jackson) but live in texas now. Were getting alot of tropical rain keeping it cooler here.... its nice to have some july that isn't above 100!

  6. I just love this quilt! Anything with the WoOz theme is a winner in my book! Just love it.

    And I hear you on the heat here in Michigan. I hope it calms down soon!

  7. Ooooo it's WONDERFUL!! So are you going to hand quilt it??

    Is Weasley one of those cats that likes chasing dogs? LOL


  8. I love this quilt. What a fun way to work. I checked out the books you recommended to help in the "liberated" process. It would be way out of my comfort zone. But I do love it. I love to put "embellishments" on my quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a gorgeaus quilt!!it stunning.

    As I don´t have a machine quilt,I hand quilt all my quilt.

    Have a great day!!

  10. This quilt is way too funny. I just adore it. Great job. What's next?

    Blissfully Stitching,

  11. all I can say is love it, love it, looovvvee it!!
    It is so great, you must be thrilled with it. I can't wait to see it quilted.

  12. ...WOW.........WOW......what can I say....WOW...


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