Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last 2 borders...

Here are my final 2 borders for the civil war bride quilt.  The top one is the top border, and the bottom one will be on the left.
Once they are soaked to remove the glue, I will press and trim them to fit.  Then after they are sewn on, I will have 2 leaves and an apple to applique on to connect the motif in the upper left-hand corner.
Riley has a half day of school today and I have to go to her parent-teacher conference this afternoon (and run some other errands).  I am so anxious to finish, but I am looking forward to spending an afternoon with my 12-year-old...she is growing up too fast!!  It won't be long until this will be her wedding quilt!

Check out Lizzie's Civil War Bride Quilt blog...Susi from Germany just posted her beautifully finished top!!  She is the first one to do so...well done Susi!!!!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. dear teresa,thanks so much for the comment on the cwbq-blog,i have waited for your comment the most,your borders are outstanding beautiful,i don`t really know if i like yours more than mine!your whole quilt is so special and riley has great luck to have a so talented mother.i would love to drink two glasses of wine with you this evening,to celebrate our tops a little,happy quilting,hugs,susi

  2. Wow Teresa, the borders are beautiful!! I can hardly wait to see the top all together :0)



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