Who am I?

Hi!  I love quilting...I would do it 24 hours a day if I could.  When I am not quilting, I read, research, think, talk, scheme, and dream about it.

I have been quilting since 1983, when my Grandmother, who was dying from cancer, gave me the last quilt she made...a Grandmother's Flower Garden made from MY scraps leftover from making my clothes as a teenager (she requested them and I had no idea what she was up to!).  Then and there I swore I would learn how to do this and keep this tradition going in my family.

I love hand applique, hand quilting, scrappy, quirky, and everything in between.  I am a stasher, but only as long as I can keep it organized so that I can find things.  If you want to see how I organize my "quilt cave," check out "Stash Organization" on my top tool bar.  Yes...I have mild OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), but the organization serves me well.

In addition to being addicted to quilting, I am 51, married, the mother of a 14-yr-old daughter, a musician, a scrapbooker, a quilt teacher.  I love to cook and I used to do biomedical research in a previous life (before the daughter).

I like to change existing patterns (can't help myself...) and design my own stuff.  Some day I would love to design patterns or come up with something original that would be publishing worthy.  I always thought I would love to own a shop, but after working at a shop I see that shop owners don't have time to quilt!  I would be happy doing anything that has something to do with quilting.

I love hanging out with other quilters with similar likes and dislikes.  Quilting buddies are the best!  I love going on road trips to shops and shows or just hanging out, working on projects.

I am relatively new to quilt blogging and have so much to learn!  But until then, I am enjoying bumbling along, meeting great "cyber" quilting friends, and being inspired and awed by the quilt blog world.