Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sauder Village Quilt Show, Post Eight (of Eight)

"Blue and White Churn Dash," Gretchen Weaver, Goshen, IN

The next quilt won the special ribbon Judge's Choice (Judge Linda Luggen).

(ooops!  missed the tag)

The next quilt, "Come Rain or Come Shine," Debra Ramsey, Lexington, OH, won First Place in the category Large Quilts: Appliqued - Machine Quilted.

The next quilt, "Applique Affair," Susan Fritsch, Montpelier, OH, won First Place in the category Large Quilts: Appliqued - Hand Quilted.

(ooops!  missed the full-size view)

(ooops!  missed the full-size view)

The next quilt, "Sunbonnet Girls," Ruth Royer, Jackson, MI,  won First Place in the category Baby Quilts: Hand or Machine Quilted.

The next quilt, "The Moon is Made of Green Cheese," Nancy Seibert Williamson, Bluffton, OH, won First Place in the category Small Quilts: Pieced - Home Sewing Machine Quilted.

The next quilt, "Jewel Box," Karen S. Nafziger,  Archbold, OH, won First Place in the category Small Quilts: Pieced - Hand Quilted.

The next quilt, "Autumn Pennies," Nancy Curtis, Bowling Green, OH,  won First Place in the category Small Quilts: Mixed Techniques - Hand Quilted.

(ooops!  missed the tag)

(ooops!  missed the full-size view)

I hope you have enjoyed this great yearly show as much as I did!

In Stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. thanks for sharing the show!! I have so loved looking through all the quilts and of course you have fed my need to make more and more quilts and have given me so many ideas for more. You are feeding my habit!

  2. I have enjoyed each post of this show - some wonderful talent all in one place makes the heart thump. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these! I have really enjoyed seeing them all, especially the close-ups!

  4. I've enjoyed all the lovely quilts. Thanks for taking so much time to post them.

  5. I just finished viewing all eight of the photo entries. Thank you for taking the time to share them. I was unable to attend the show, so thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures of the quilts.

  6. Thanks for posting all the quilts, I really enjoyed looking at them! There were some very special quilts that I loved!!

  7. Thanks for sharing - enjoyed your special version of the quilt show. Appreciate all the time you took to organize and post it!

  8. What a beauty. This car is absolutely stunning and such a piece of art to view, thanks for the share. Really enjoyed checking out these photos.

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