Monday, November 13, 2017

Your inspiration from my inspiration...

I LOVE it when my blog readers share your creations inspired by my patterns and blog!  I often wonder what happens to my patterns when I ship them off into the wide, blue 'yonder (or they are received digitally).  

Do people store them away like I do, like a squirrel putting precious nuts away for later?  Or do they dive right in.

Here are three quilts from quilters who dove right in...

The above picture of "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" was made by Val Ursulak of Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.  She is in an applique group of forty-three ladies who have been meeting together for ten years (I am actually drooling at this point...).  

Her husband is a musician and currently a member of an large ensemble.  Val told me that he took each finished block to rehearsal to show the other musicians as she was working along.

I love her little changes in design and color...just take a gander at the peacock on the tuba!  

She is entering the quilt in the Canadian Quilter's Association Quilt Show in Vancouver, B.C. next May.  I hope she sweeps the ribbons!

The quilt below is called "The Piano Garden" and was made by Kristy Wilkinson of Sunnyvale, CA.  I love how she took the enlarged piano motif as her anchor then just let her imagination fly!

The quilt was made for the piano teacher who had taught her children over fifteen years.

Isn't it cool how she also featured the piano on the label?

She incorporated musical words of expression into her flower vine motifs...largo, moderato, andante, etc.

And the keyboard border is just fabulous.

The next quilt really touched my heart!  You all know I had a favorite kitty, Weasley, that I had to leave with a friend in Michigan because I couldn't move him south.  He has had a very loving home for the past two years, but I miss him every day.

My husband took a picture of Weasley that I have on my blog.  Jacquie Anderton of Melbourne, Australia saw the picture and made an INCREDIBLE quilt inspired by the lumpy, lazy Mr. Weasley.

She did such a good job with the applique!  I wanted to make a block from this picture, but I chickened out...LOL!

She said that the hand quilting was made more complicated by her own cat wanting to crawl up on the quilt as she worked...typical.

Weasley, at his new home...I see that he is still lazy, lumpy and completely adorable.  Sigh.

In stitches, and missing Mr. Weasley,
Teresa   :o)


  1. great quilts from your patterns - you must have been pleased to see the creations!

  2. Isn't that so rewarding to see your own creations being the jumping off point for other quilters!! Love that piano--Hugs, Julierose

  3. what a joy to see these quilts inspired by your work

  4. How fabulous for these ladies to forward you photos and stories of quilts made from the beautiful pattern. Oh, Weasley - so nice to see him. He is the missing twin to my Bella.

  5. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts. You must feel like a proud mother. That picture of Weasley has always been my favorite!

  6. See how you inspire people? I'm so glad Mr. Weasley is doing well.

  7. Thank you so much Teresa for sharing my quilt and for designing your Baltimore Rhapsody which was my inspiration. I was so glad for the piano and the rose. They both caused me to think outside the box! I had never done a design like that before and I had never made dimensional roses. I enjoyed every minute of making the quilt from the hand stitching to the quilting. Thanks again for sharing the pictures. It made my day! K-

  8. These quilts are so cool! How exciting to see that you're inspiring others. :0)

  9. Gorgeous quilts from your inspiration!
    Quilters are just so creative!

  10. What a lovely post rewarding for you to see what others do with your patterns - and the photo. What wonderful works of art! (I'm a squirrel-er too although I always have such good intentions!)

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