Saturday, March 25, 2017

Stippling can be crippling...

What started out in my mind as echo quilting on my "Contentment" quilt is really stippling, I guess.  And the stippling sometimes feels crippling as the end of my thumb has gone from normal to calloused to cracked callous. 


But I am making progress!  I have completed 2 outer borders, 2 corners, and I am most of the way through my 3rd border.

What keeps me going?  DVD movies and political intrigue on TV (the former being less disturbing than the latter).  "Sully" (which is FABULOUS), "The Sound of Music," the second "Sex in the City" movie, "Bridget Jones' Diary" (oldie, but goodie), all the "Harry Potter" movies, "Beauty and the Beast"...I am enjoying going through my DVD shelves.

Every time I show a picture of my half quilting hoop I get a lot of inquiries about where I got it.  It was many, many years ago (early 90's, I think).  It has "Grace" stamped on the inside.  I went to the Grace website and did not find it.

I did some poking around on the Internet and found a company that sells something similar.  It is Frank A. Edmunds  & Co and they can be found here.  I just ordered their smaller, 10-inch half hoop to try out.  Their half hoops are deeper than mine and can do a wider border.  I have been "whole-hooping" as much of the border as possible, then "half-hooping" the outer couple of inches.

It was rainy today, so the light was bad to stretch it out on my bed to show time.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Your stippling is gorgeous--very time consuming, but beautiful...hugs, Julierose

  2. I highly recommend Bag Balm. It is an antibacterial ointment that prevents the callous.
    The stippling is amazing! I've never done it - gorgeous

  3. it looks gorgeous but I would have to put it down and work on other things as well and give my fingers a break. I had or do have a frame like that some place but I don't know where it is. I think I got mine at Keepsake but I could never get it to feel right. I don't know why but I just couldn't hold it very well

  4. Congratulations!!! Your job it´s very hard but the result is absolutely gorgeous. Husg. Fina

  5. You brave soul! I made a Nancy Chong Rose in batiks and quilted it at 1/4" from top to bottom - It won a 2 ribbons, BUT, since then I will quilt at 1/2" or maybe larger. You are right OUCH!

  6. Oh, but that is going to be soooo worth it (easy for me to say, right?)! Amazing hand quilting! I have a half hoop and have never been smart enough to know how to use it!

  7. Girl! Amazing quilting! What a treasure.

  8. Goodness, that is a lot of stitches! Someone I know, did stippling on a piece and though it was oh so pretty, the piece did not lay well. She used it as a hand quilting sample when teaching but never finished the piece because of the problem. How are you controlling it from drawing in areas too much? Not sure if my question makes sense.

  9. It can be painful, but oh so rich and beautiful in texture. I cannot wait to see this beauty in person some day! I had an older border hoop that I gave away years ago. Wish I had it now! I still use my Marie Products 14" hoop for almost everything. I ordered an Edmunds one last year, but it is not nearly as good as my old "Marie". Thanks for sharing!

  10. You are so close! I love running shows when I'm doing hand stitching. It's so relaxing, and feels tremendously decadent, like I'm being naughty and not accomplishing anything, when really you're working away. :)

  11. It is unbelievably gorgeous! You will be happy in the end (-:

  12. Gorgeous! Love your movie choices, too.


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