Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trimming down "Afternoon Delight" blocks...

 Call me old-fashioned, and mostly I would agree with you.  There are a lot of new-fangled, modern quilting shortcuts that I embrace whole-heartedly.

But when it comes down to trimming hand-applique blocks, I prefer to be safe than sorry.  Especially when I am trimming down to an unusual size for which I don't own a plexiglass ruler.

Even though I still have handful of Sue Garman's "Afternoon Delight" applique blocks yet to stitch, I just could not wait to start trimming them to the unfinished size of 7-1/4 inches square.

I have a 7-inch and 7-1/2-inch commercial ruler, but no 7-1/4-inch size.  I made my own plastic template with lots of drawn lines to make it easy to find the center and line up the corners.

Because I have a tendency to slip when rotary cutting (especially when I am nervous trimming hand applique work), I got the template where I wanted it, then piled on my vintage pattern weights (I use them on the commercial square rulers, too!!).

Then, I draw around the template with my ultra-fine sharpie (or a Pigma pen).

Next I cut out my block using scissors to the inside of the ink mark.

Ta-da!  Yes, I know slicing and dicing with the rotary cutter would have been quicker, but I am completely confident with this method.  I typically watch movies or TV while I am working, and it is easy for me to make a terrible rotary mistake while trimming.  This old-fashioned, but sure method keeps me from hopping around the house, swearing...

I have been having trouble with Blogger...may be related to using Chrome as my browser.  I have not been getting email comments from all of you, which makes it hard to reply to thank you or answer your questions...SORRY!  And it makes me cranky.

Then, when I started this post 2 days ago, I could not upload photos.  MORE crankiness.  I just posted this using Internet Explorer.  It uploaded my photos, we will see if I get your comments emailed to me.  I want to do a give-away of goodies, but the comment to email thing needs to work again first.

Anyone else having this problem with Blogger?

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I have had the same problem with my blog that I use wordpress for - I used to get email notification of all comments, then suddenly about 4 months ago I stopped getting any notifications, that went on for about a week then I was getting them again. Then it started all over again about 2 months ago it started all over again. It has never settled out - now after an update I get a little symbol at the top of my blog indicating a comment I can answer the comment and the answer goes to my blog and to the person - it makes for a lot of comments piling up in my blog but nothing I can do about it. now suddenly I am getting email notification of about a third of the comments that come in to the blog - I haven't a clue what it is all about and have not been able to fix it.

  2. Pots and pins has posted several times recently about having the same problems

  3. making your own template/ruler is a helpful idea,thanks

  4. making your own template/ruler is a helpful idea,thanks

  5. I always love your ideas and your problem solving.

  6. Your block is wonderful! I 'm not having Blogger problems that I know of!

  7. Thanks for this great info, I absolutely hate trimming my blocks and make mistakes so often that I usually cut my blocks to size to begin with. Guess I need to try your method! I stopped blogging for that very reason, I was having issues in both. Getting and sending comments and finally in frustration gave up! Hope you figure out a fix for your issues.

  8. Looks like a good method..I get really nervous when it 's time to trim.
    I am always having trouble with Blogger, especially when loading pictures.

  9. I blog primarily from my mac using Safari. So far so good!

  10. What floats one boat, sinks another. Sounds like you have devised a dependable method. Your applique always amazes me. So perfect --and perfectly pretty.

  11. I'll take applique over football!


  12. What a clever tip ..... I have some applique blocks to trim and am a tad nervous over them too.


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