Saturday, September 3, 2016

The "Chemistry" block for the "Contentment" quilt...

Block number twelve out of thirteen for our anniversary project, "Contentment" is done!  It depicts my college major and subsequent research lab career.  

Edit: I just realized that I forgot to put the button "French knots" on the lab coat, so not quite finished!  It is always something...

Among other things, I worked in a DNA repair research group doing a lot of tissue culture (growing cells) and running electrophoresis gels with radioactive markers.  That seems like a long time ago!  I'm even a published co-author on some research papers!

Very early in my career, I worked with growing mouse testicular cells and treated them with things that might or might not reduce male fertility, but I didn't want THOSE things pictured in my quilt, LOL!!

That is why I had to come up with a picture of me wrangling with a DNA molecule...and holding a flask of/or micro-pipetting colorful liquid, which is hardly ever done, but it photographs well so photographers always ask us to do it when they are taking pictures in the lab.

Anyway, here is the block before I got up the nerve to add some embroidery details.  

Yeah, I have a saying,"better to be vague and ambiguous when drawing shapes so as not to prove you can't draw, than to add too many embroidery details and remove all doubt about your drawing skills."

Oh well, I do think that having a face and fingers does help a bit.

I love my vintage pattern weights!  I have managed to procure a couple of extra sets of these weights, so I will do a give-away next week for you appliquers interested in that sort of thing.

After adding a face and fingers to my chemistry block, I drummed up the courage to add them to the center medallion block, which has been finished for weeks.

Yeah, I won't be hired as a portrait artist in this life time...

The fabric that I used for Steve's skin was so pale that it was hard to distinguish his features from the background fabric, so I outlined his head and arms with a single strand of a slightly darker DMC embroidery thread.

Our faces are comical, but I still like the effect better than just being blank.

ONE more block to prep and sew!  I have been experimenting with something sweet to fill the 2-inch border between the center medallion block and the twelve blocks that will surround it.  This will be an applique border, I think, even though it is a skinny, skinny space with which to play!  Every little mocked-up pieced border I have tried just looked awkward and out of place.

I have also finished a few more "Afternoon Delight" applique blocks and settled on a medallion border for my "Little Treasures" swap project.  More on that next post.

There's nothing like working on several things at one time!  It helped me stay sane this week as major work was being done on our large, metal roof (ALL the screws needed to be replaced!).

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. this is such an interesting quilt - I wouldn't be able to do faces - I'm not that great at those kind of details. Love that chain of DNA strands or whatever they are called!!

  2. I thought you were a music major in college. Now I have learned something new about you. Such an interesting quilt block and well done.

  3. Your block is really neat. The faces are great. We have been outside working on a roof over our small deck. I have been wanting to sew, but no energy after working outside for two weeks. Chris

  4. Absolutely always in awe of the tiny applique you do. I think you did a wonderful job on the faces and hands.

  5. This is one of my favorite blocks. You did your face and fingers justice. No need to apologize for not being a portrait artist.

  6. Love your imagination! Chemistry ... who'da thunk it? Though probably quite noisy, I'm thinking replacing screws is still better than replacing the entire roof.

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