Monday, September 19, 2016

Eye candy from 2016 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show...


I made a quick trip to the 2016 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show last week on opening day (what was I thinking?!?).  It was less than 200 miles away, so I just had to do it.  

I got pictures of a few quilts to share with you...opening day crowds prevented me from getting more...I hate blocking quilts to take a picture when there are eager show-go-ers!

This first quilt won Best Hand Workmanship and Viewers Choice. I had seen it in magazines and it was STUNNING to see it in person.

It is hand-quilted, hand-appliqued, embroidered, and pieced and the detail is incredible.

The next quilt won BEST ORIGINAL DESIGN.

It was quilted on a home sewing machine.

There seemed to be a lot of Mariner's Compass quilts at this show.

The next quilt won Best of Show.  It was quilted on a long arm machine.

The next one won Best Use of Color.

This won Best Long Arm Machine Workmanship.

This won Best Wall Quilt.

This won Best Home Machine Workmanship.

I love these New York Beauty variation quilts...

This won First Place in the Hand Quilting category.

This won Second Place in the same category.

I LOVED this blue and white quilt!

LOVED this one, too!

This won Third Place in the Wall Quilt: Long Arm Machine Quilted category.

I have always loved this quilt design (it is on my bucket list...).

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things quirky and Halloween...

This won Honorable Mention in the Large Quilts: Machine Quilted category.  (I'm glad to see that AQS has improved the quality of the H.M. ribbon since I won a flat one a few years ago...LOL!)

There was a special exhibit of barn quilts associated with Julie Sefton's "See Rock City" quilt.  Her quilt was first exhibited at the AQS Chattanooga show in 2014, the same year my "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" quilt won Viewer's Choice.  I got to briefly meet Julie at that show after being a follower of her blog for a while.  She - and her work - are DELIGHTFUL!  

She published a book this year called "Build-a-Barn" (an AQS title) and she has quite a following of friends (the Secret Society of Barn Builders) who built barns of their own!  It was such a large, spread out exhibit that I could not get a picture of the whole thing, but here are Julie's quilt and the barns that were inspired by this fabulous quilter/artist.

My friend, Kathy French (formerly of Michigan, now a barn lover in Maine) produced the following lovely.

Now, go forth and be inspired!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I AM inspired! Thank you for posting all of those images. I am going to re-post the Halloween Let Them Eat Cake for the Eerie Nights blog hop.
    I can image the countless hours of quilting. It would be interesting to know just how long it took to create those works of art.
    I saw one quilt where the FMQ pebbling was tiny, tiny work - I am working on that type of stitch now and it is exhausting.

  2. I have seen a different version of that first quilt you show somewhere on blog land - quilter from Japan also - it had more of a gray taupe background - I don't remember if the center was the same - it is so wonderful glad it won a prize - I really can't believe all the work that goes into it.

  3. Thank you for posting all these photos. It's made me think that some people don't waste time on the internet (facebook, instagram etc), but instead just get on with their quilting. There are some amazing quilts here which must have taken hours and hours to make - years even. I think the answer is less internet, and more quilting.

  4. I was there Saturday morning. Thought about you when I saw all the applique. I'm sure you know that Janet Stone always does the alphabet; I had to really look closely at her entries to find the alphabet this year!

  5. Thanks for sharing so many photos in your post! I was there Wed (in class) and part of Thursday -- sorry I missed you! SO glad you enjoyed all the barn quilts -- it was a thrill to see them hanging together at the show!

  6. Awesome quilts! Love the special barn exhibit - how cool.

  7. What absolutely stunning quilts! The barns had a sense of fun about them. I LOVED Janet Stones quilts, I can't seem to find out where or if she sells patterns? I'm sure she used to have a blog?

  8. Thank you so much for this gallery of quilts and respecting the maker by picturing the show card for each of the quilts. Thank you!!!!

  9. Wow! Thank you for the wonderful show.

  10. So much to be inspired by! Kathy McNeil - Language of Flowers was the speaker at a quilt guild meeting this past Saturday. Loved her trunk show! Her quilts are stunning works of art!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  11. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures! I loved them. Hugs,

  12. Thanks for showing all the beautiful quilts. I am so happy you chose to include all the barns from the SSOBB. I hope you also saw my quilt, Too Much Chicken!

    thanks again,
    Lynne Tyler

  13. Thanks for all the photos. Margo Clabo is a friend, love her quilt.

  14. Fabulous quilts. Thanks for showing them. How much fun to see all those barns.

  15. Wow! What a wonderful collection of applique quilts. So many hours spent. I couldn't finish even one of them in a lifetime. Thanks for posting them and the barn quilt display.

  16. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy. I love it when you go to these shows, because we get to see the non winners that they don't publish on their website. I think they are all winners. This is why I could never be a judge! I love the whimsical barns quilts. So clever.

  17. I did not like that brown and green quilt that won Best of Show/Longarm. Overall, I was very impressed with the quilting itself as much or perhaps more than the design of the quilt. I am always astonished at the creativity that is displayed in the quilting designs.

  18. Thanks for the great pictures. i did not make it to show , but think I have been there with your wonderful shots.

  19. You are my source for quilt show photos as I don't make the time to go to them myself. Obviously I should change that. Although hand quilting is not my thing, I am always interested in the techniques you show and feel for you in all the challenges you have faced in the last couple of years.

  20. The Japanese quilt has such a creative border. Definitely a winning style. I know what you mean about being able to take quilt pictures at a crowded quilt show. Hard to do and it does take pleasure away from other show goers if their view of the quilt is blocked.

  21. Looks like a fantastic show....thanks for sharing your favorites!!

  22. I love that first quilt too! It is so interesting the differences in the judging at the AQS shows. Spring Dance was Best of Show in Grand Rapids.


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