Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some blocks from upcoming new pattern bundles...and for my swap quilt!

I am trying to finalize two new LITTLE TREASURES bundles of 6-inch finished block patterns...Dogs and Cats (1) and Misc (2)
I hope to have them in the web store by Sunday afternoon.

This block is called "Penny Chew."  There were so many things available for pennies, nickels, and dimes in these kinds of machines when I was a kid...I was fascinated (then usually disappointed) in the contents.

This next one is called "Still Life With Cat."  I miss how Weasley used to squeeze his bulk into any available container...whether it already had stuff in it or not.  Then, he would just sit there until I noticed must be nice to have that kind of time in your day. 

I like to imagine what kind of goofy things I could come up with, time permitting, to try and catch my husband unaware throughout his day, since he now works from hiding in a closet that I know he is about to visit or striking some weird pose and "freezing" until he passes.

I think my days of squeezing into available containers are over...sigh.  I also think I used to be more fun than I am now...something to think about.  I am still heart.  

I have to quote my friend Don Schoolmaster, "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever!"

I call this next one "Tennis Anyone?"  I found another interesting spotty fabric in my stash with which to experiment for fussy-cutting for his eye pupils...

And finally, since this project did start out as providing 6-inch applique blocks to punctuate my life in Michigan in a swap quilt, I had to represent music.  I am looking forward to adding something like this to my BALTIMORE RHAPSODY project, as a 15-inch block with a few more flowers.

Oh, how nice it would be to not have so many other things competing with my time and attention.  There are so many quilty ideas in my head!  

I'm off to get something done outside before it gets too hot and sunny for this pale, pasty Midwestern/Alabama girl (I don't know what I am anymore...I still feel like a Midwesterner, but am thawing/giving-in to the Alabama roots).  Mostly, I am just confused.  

Then tonight, we will drive to Tuscaloosa and back to catch the play that Riley has been working on, "Glengarry Glen Ross," at the University of Alabama.  Then, bring on the finals and let's get this first year of college finished up!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Your head must be abuzz with ideas, Teresa!! Sooo darn cute. I haven't gotten to the little fruits as yet, but hoping to pick fabrics for my summertime handwork on our back deck....Am pretty much on break from quilting and sewing fabric scraps to papers for scrapbooks..I know, craze--but why pay big $$ for embellishments when I can use my Teflon foot and sew onto the paper?? Such fun...hugs, Julierose....and it bashes my

  2. The gumball machine reminds me of when we went to Gramma's house in Upstate NY. There was a small market around the corner with a gumball machine where the balls were wrapped in colored foil. Each color represented a different prize (I don't remember what the prizes were). That's also where we got banana popsicles, compliments of Gramma's next-door neighbors who sent us to the market to get ice cream.

  3. You have a wonderful imagination to come up with ideas for all the applique you do. Each and everyone is amazing.

  4. Wonderful blocks. Enjoy the play. Nancy A:
    from Tuscaloosa (originally from IL)

  5. I love the gumball block... you are so creative!

  6. Looking at your post a 2nd time, I realized that your Gum Ball Machine block looks remarkably like one of the T-shirts in my latest quilt. Too funny!!


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