Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs of Spring and Summer...

There are still a few daffodils blooming outside here in NW Alabama, and a two blooming indoors.  Daffodils are my husband's favorite flower.  They started appearing here at the end of January. 

In Michigan, we weren't graced by their blossoms until very late March/early April, and that was after they had fought their way through snow, ice, and frozen mulch.

Spring seems like such a struggle up north and just happens like "plop" here.

This is "Daffodil Delight" and is now available in my LITTLE TREASURES - Flowers (2) pattern bundle at my web store, either by digital download or snail mail, click here.

All the blocks finish 6-inches, but there is an enlargement recipe in the pattern bundle to adjust them to a 9- or 12-inch finished size.

Freshly picked and freshly stitched!  This is "Festival Pineapple" from my LITTLE TREASURES - Fruit and Veg (1) pattern bundle. 

It is weird, but I actually had the taste of pineapple in my mouth as I stitched the block.  Fresh pineapple makes me think of summer for some reason.  I had all these tiny reproduction snippets that I cut the outer pineapple pieces from.  It is so satisfying to use every...last...scrap.

Both blocks will finish 6-inches square and be inserted in my ongoing Repro Madness swap quilt, if I can ever make up my mind about the center medallion.

I am out of prepped applique blocks, so I must stop everything to choose fabrics for the next blocks.  I fell out of bed this morning with some block ideas to finish my first Dog and Cat bundle and a second Misc bundle.

Drawing for me is so weird.  Sometimes I sit down and try to force ideas to come, which isn't usually productive at all, except for producing frustration.  Then, when I am busy with something else, like trying to get a new refrigerator moved into the kitchen (or cleaned up after), the ideas come.

After 3 weeks of refrigerator research, 2 weeks waiting for delivery, 1/4 inch trimmed from the cabinet above, my fabulous husband made the perfect space for our new frig.

Steve used his circular saw and a hand saw to remove a bit of cabinet harm done...just a lot of sawdust.

The back of the frig case fit, but there was a panel across the top, just behind the doors.  OOPS!...THAT wasn't in the specifications on the Lowe's web site.

I will have to get used to it being so shiny!  (so shiny, it was hard to photograph at night with the lights)  It is "counter-depth," so it doesn't stick out as far as the old one did.  And hopefully it won't freeze the produce and warm the milk up like the old one, either. Ka-ching!!

Now, I need to spend some time updating this blog site.  It has been so long since I did anything to it that I will have to figure it out all over again.  Is it just me, or is Blogger a bear to use?!?  I miss my Weasley kitty, but I think it is time for a new header picture and a few more changes to my pages.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I know what you mean about the fridge. I have to open mine just to get to the overhead cabinets! Glad you're making progress.

  2. I want you to know...I have so enjoyed these little blocks. I look forward to each post, smiling each time at what you have created.

  3. Love your new header page. I love the cow block, so cute.

  4. Oh what darling blocks--my daffs are being blown around today as we are having high winds from that ocean storm off our Ct coast. Hold onto your hats ladies!! I love love love that pineapple...just so pretty and your colors are so cheering. Great Stuff Teresa...hugs, Julierose

  5. Oh and P.S. I ordered your Fruit and Veg small bundle ( afterall, fruits and veggies are SO good for you lol)..hugs, Julierose

  6. Love the daffodil and pineapple blocks. You are so creative. I love how your little blocks are new and fresh patterns. I will be ordering after I pay taxes (both real estate and income -- blah!)


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