Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"LITTLE TREASURES" Block Bundles are now available!

Introducing "LITTLE TREASURES" bundles of little quilt block patterns!  

There are now five bundles of patterns (containing 9 blocks each) available at  They are available as digital downloads or you can get them the old-fashioned way...through the US mail.

(When figuring postage on the store site, each "bundle" is considered a "pattern.")

The thumbnails of ANIMALS (1) are pictured above.  Each bundle contains nine patterns and a thumbnail/instruction page.  The patterns can be used "as is" to make 6-inch blocks, or you can follow the enlargement directions to make 9- or 12-inch blocks.

Here are the thumbnails displaying the contents of the FLOWERS (1) bundle.

I got so carried away drawing flowers that there is a second bundle of flower blocks.  Here's FLOWERS (2)...

There is a bundle of fruits and vegetable related blocks, FRUIT-VEG (1)...

The MISC (1) bundle contains a range of blocks including two that can be personalized by embroidery or archival Pigma pens.  The "Bundle of Joy" block celebrates the birth of a baby and the "Anniversary Banner" can celebrate a wedding or relationship.  They have room for names and a date.

There are more coming...another MISC bundle, a DOG-CAT bundle, and a BIRD bundle.  Coming up with new blocks is easy...doing it in multiples of nine is a little trickier.

There is a PHOTO GALLERY OF PATTERNS on the store site where I am putting color pictures of each block as I get them stitched up.

Here are the most recent completions...

This is such a fun project to be working on!  And this is really pushing my computer skills.  I just drafted another 8 blocks in the last 24 hours that I need to prep and stitch.

I chose to make the blocks to finish 6 inches as I am mixing them with swap block for a Michigan Memory quilt.  They would also make a nice quilt label at the smaller size, worked up on a larger background, of course.

I am looking forward to making the flower blocks to finish 12 inches for another quilt I have in mind.

Watch this space!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Theresa, you are such a gifted and generous person. I'm following your blog as a silent reader for some years now, and your quilts are gorgeous. I'm quilting myself but wished I could spend more time on it.
    Have a nice day and greeting from a sunny Paris

  2. These are so great--I wish you so much good luck with your patterns!

  3. congratulations lady!
    Looking forward to the Cats and Dogs!

  4. Oh, my goodness!! What wonderful work you're doing.

  5. This event looks great. We have also been looking for upcoming kids’ event at domestic venue NYC. Actually they are asking me from long time to take them to any outdoor place. If you know about kids’ events then please let me know!


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