Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just froggin' and bloggin'...

I have been trying to catch up with the hand stitching of prepped blocks!  As I put these pattern bundles on my store site next week, I want to have a finished color picture of each pattern in my store picture gallery.

This is Ola's Bog Buddy...

This spiky little fellow is Hedgehog With Melon...

This is Primrose Garland...

And Wisp of Fuchsia...

And Blueberry Season...

Iris Cluster...

And, A Pair of Pears...

I speak tomorrow night at the Quilt Guild in Athens, Alabama.  I have not taught a class or given a quilt talk in two years, so I feel a little rusty and nervous.  I'm sure it will come back to me like riding a bike and then they will have to "use the hook" to get me to shut up!  It will be nice to be around some quilters!

Oh my, and Ola sent me some more blocks for our Repro Madness swap project.  They are embroidered and just perfect with all the other applique and pieced blocks!  Aren't they awesome?!?  They will finish 6 inches.

I have got to get out and meet some local quilters...this is a very lonely mountain!  I spent a little time this week unpacking some more boxes...the moving in continues!  I had to stop for a while there after Christmas because I felt so cranky every time I spied a pile of boxes somewhere in the house.  

This week I focused on unpacking boxes of books...ugh.  Trying to find spaces for books is difficult.  Steve had made me built-in book shelves in Michigan, and we left them with the house when we sold it...sigh.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I am still opening boxes from almost 4 years ago! Just keep at it!

  2. love your froggy! it can be so hard trying to figure out where to put everything when you move - and making new quilting friends - finding out where they are etc - I hope you will not have to go real far to find quilting friends when you are out in the back of beyond it can be difficult

  3. These applique blocks awe just so wonderful and playful. You claim the repro fabrics are limiting, but you sure can't tell that looking at them! So sweet. The combination of these, the patchwork and the embroideries will be so special. Can't wait to see.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good luck on your lecture. Glad you're getting out and meeting other quilters.

  5. Your blocks are fabulous! I love the hedgehog one :0) Having other quilter's to stitch with is a gift. I hope you find some soon!

  6. I agree with you that repro fabrics can be limiting but you have chosen so well for your blocks that it makes me want to reconsider. I look forward to your offering the patterns, I love smaller blocks and yours are darling.

  7. The frog block is cute, cute!
    Getting to know quilters through a guild is the way to go. I did that when we moved to South Carolina and had friends in no time at all.

  8. Cutie Froggie! The stitcheries are adorable too - little birds and spools I think make for a great mix. I am sure you meet some great people at your guild presentation.

  9. That frog and hedgehog have real personality!

  10. Wish I could hear you tomorrow--knock 'Em dead, you'll do great!

  11. So many gorgeous blocks! I just love looking at each one close up and saying "I have that fabric"... "ohhh that's a beautiful green" etc...
    Wish I could hear you speak tonight... I'm sure you will be amazing!

  12. Beautiful! I think the Iris block is my favorite, but I adore the hedgehog too. Your fabric choices are marvelous.

  13. Glad you are getting out and about. All your blocks are wonderful. Cannot wait to see what you do with them.

  14. In my humble opinion, it is harder to unpack then it is to pack. One has to decide where to put one's stuff. Best wishes on your speaking engagement. Perhaps you will meet some kindred quilters.

  15. That hedgehog is absolutely adorable!

  16. Love the flower blocks! Exquisite! Tried to access your website link from this mornings post, but something is not configured correctly. It tells me I have successfully accessed Limited Run - Custom Domain landing and to follow instructions?


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