Saturday, April 9, 2016

Giddy Up! More finished 6-inch blocks!

The block finishing frenzy continues!  Here are four more little 6-inch hand appliqued blocks for my Repro Madness swap quilt...and the "LITTLE TREASURES" patterns I will be offering soon on my web store.  The horse delivering love is called "Special Delivery" and was inspired by my daughter and her love of horses.

I am continuing to struggle along with my fabric choices from the repro fabric tubs for this swap project. The short range of brighter fabrics available in these muted tones makes shading and perspective really difficult. This block is called "Twining Tulips."

I made the frog block ("Ola's Bog Buddy") from my last post thinking about my BFF friend Ola and buddy Mary is crazy for cows and inspired "Mary's Moo Moo."  Now I want to do a block with two pink flamingos, as I remember going to my friend Judy's home to stitch and visit...and maybe a cute little white dog as I remember Julie and the good times we shared.  This quilt will be full of memory and happy thoughts!

This next block was inspired by my current efforts to eat healthier and it is called "Five a Day."  (or maybe the block title is inspired by how many blocks I want to finish each day right now...AT LEAST five a day, LOL!)  It features broccoli, carrots, beets, Swiss chard, yellow peppers, peas and tomatoes.

Now I won't feel guilty when I design a block featuring chocolate, LOL!  Balance, right?

A few weeks ago I posted my block with an antique bike, and I received so many suggestions about the bike needing some sort of spokes on the wheels.  I went back and added a hint of spokes, and it makes the block better...thanks for the feedback!

There is no denying that I am struggling with trying to settle in our family home in NW Alabama.  We are basically neighborless, isolated on a little mountain, seven miles from the small, lovely town of Tuscumbia.  That, in itself, if not is absolutely beautiful here and I do not miss the noise from the Detroit Metro Airport (which was only 15 miles from my Michigan home), or the sounds from the neighborhood, etc. (of course, the airplane noise has been replaced by gun/ammo noise, LOL!)

Everywhere I look I see something built and/or planted by my Dad and stepmother, which is comforting but can make me feel even more lonely sometimes.

I am still unpacking (does that ever end?!?) and sorting through my parents' stuff, trying to find balance between honoring what they built here and enjoying the things we moved from Michigan. This week I found places to put the fabric that did not fit in the new quilt cave and our books.

I am also learning more about computer quilt pattern making and PDF's than I ever wanted to learn...BORING!

But Thursday night, I put all the unpacking and pattern making out of my mind and went to Athens, Alabama to give a program to the guild there.  I have not taught a class or given a quilt program in two years so I felt very rusty.  I think I began to feel more like my old self toward the end of it.

The members there were so friendly and kind...I wish they weren't almost 90 minutes away!  Thanks to Carolyn for being my shepherd and getting me where I needed to go!  It was fun to talk about hand applique and block/quilt design.  I found out about some quilting groups a little closer to me, as well.  I don't know what is harder...finding fellow quilters in this state or fellow Democrats, LOL!  I am suffering withdrawal from both!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Wonderful new blocks, love the MOO! Happy to hear the program went well - it's like riding a bike.

  2. lol - as a transplanted northern in Arkansas I can tell you right off to be happy when you find someone that thinks like you - not as many democrats for sure and while I am a liberal independent I do not find many and those I do seem to be transplanted norther's like I!!
    Although I never belonged to any quilt groups in the north as I didn't get serious about quilting until well after I moved south - what I are hear the groups are different here in the south then they are in the north and I find the quilt shops of the north much better than those in the south

  3. I don't think I have ever visited your area of Alabama. It has been many, many years since we traveled in that state.

    I was wondering what was your inspiration for the block designs and you have given the answers. The Moo Cow block is a sweet one with the flower in the cow's mouth.

  4. Loving the blocks, T. Any colors you especially need? I'll be happy to go through my repros and pull some brighter pieces for you.

  5. Love these, especially the cow!

  6. Pretty soon you will have a group online sewing with you. Get to some of the quilt groups and do your thing. It will get easier as more of the things you want unpacked will make the place yours. Even though there are memories they will comfort you as you become at peace with all this big change. Chris ps think about an online quilting group might feel good.

  7. I totally feel your need for a quilting group! I had that in Florida when I was house/pet sitting for my daughter - even though I was only there for 6-7 months, I had the best bee group that met weekly. I have missed that ever since I went back home! Can't help you with the liberal/Democrat problem - I'm a conservative living in a very conservative part of my state, so you would definitely be an anomaly there too, but the owner of my LQS would be your buddy politically!!! I hope you find what you are looking for!!

  8. i always feel cheered and happy when I see your post in my email. What you write is real and from the heart. Plus the applique blocks are beautiful and unique. Thank you!

  9. Can't help you with the Democrat thing, but I'm thrilled to be a new quilter friend to you--let's put an appliqué group together.

  10. I don't know exactly where you are now, but my daughter is currently living in Anniston (she grew up in MI). I visited her last month and we took a field trip to a local quilt shop, the Ashville House Quilt Shop at 35 3rd Street in Ashville. It's in a neat building, has a good selection of fabrics, and the folks there were really nice!
    Also, I was at the International Quilt Show in Chicago last week and saw your Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony quilt there. It looked beautiful!

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  12. Love them all, especially "Moo".


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