Thursday, September 25, 2014

2014 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show, Part Four...

More eye candy from the Chattanooga show..."this quilt reflects how the maker's role as a parent can comfort, sooth a pain, express love and communicate her commitment with just as simple touch."

"Inez was inspired by Spark Chan's drawing of Korean dancers. Teaching dance to children and the joy of dancing inspires her. Design Source: "Drumbeats" print by Spark Chan."

"Judith loves the way the bright crosses seem to sparkle on the dark background.  The concentric circle quilting softens the hard edges of the blocks."

"Kim and Jo Ann love to see how far they can push their computerized longarm quilting system.  This piece is just that, everything start to finish, including the applique completed on the longarm.  They even hand dyed some of the fabrics."

This quilt won Third Place in the "Wall Quilts - Computer-Aided" group.

"This quilt was done by Jyl Poole of Leesville, SC.  "Each element of this quilt represents the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Which element speaks the most to you?"

"Dudley is a great horned owl that is a permanent resident at the Carolina Raptor Center.  He hatched in 1983 and was raised and imprinted on humans."

"Lynne saw a container full of rusty old screws and bolts and was fascinated by the shapes, light, and shadows.  She was inspired to recreate that image in bright colors."

"Cheri designed, hand pieced and hand appliqued this quilt. Linda's beautiful quilting designs are completely freehand.  This original quilt has over 22,000 Swarovski hot-fix crystals front and back to make a stunning reversible quilt."

This quilt won an Honorable Mention in the "Wall Quilts - Innovative" group.

"Joy was the only girl to ever dance with her Dad.  Not musically inclined, but a loyal father, he danced the Hokey Pokey with her."

My picture of the name of the following quilt was WAY to blurry to use.  This is "Money Does Grow on Trees" by Ann Harwell of Wendell, NC.  "Ann imagined the trees beginning to take over Linn Cove Viaduct and fleeing homeless campers trying to find a place to live."

"Pam loves red foxes and wanted to create an evening scene under moonlight.  So, she painted the fox, moon, and stones and then created a tree in the colors of the fox's coat.  This is her first night time quilt.  Design Source: photograph from an unknown artist purchased from Dreamstime."

"Cyndi was inspired to create this from her photos taken during her many trips to Canadian lakes.  She used fabric paint, tulle, and specialty fabric in the confetti style, metallic thread, and machine applique."

"Katherine was inspired to make this quilt when she found the fabric.  She loves bright colors and New York Beauties."

"This quilt is composed of many musical elements.  When you look at it, you may seemingly hear the sound of music in your heart. The actual implication of this quilt is listening to nature's music and Julia's sudden loss of hearing."

"This quilt was created for an invitational wholecloth challenge. Sandra really enjoyed playing with machine quilting on her domestic machine."

This quilt won Third Place in the "Wall Quilts - Traditional" group.

"The Mariner's Compass has always been one of Ira's favorite patterns.  When she saw Judy Niemeyer's Mariner's Compass she just had to make it.  Design Source: Judy Niemeyer's Compass pattern,"

"Alice redesigned the center of this paper-pieced quilt then quilted it on her home sewing machine with metallic twist threads for added sparkle using the machine's decorative stitches as bobbin work.  Design Source: Cosmati Rings II by Norah McMeeking, Bella Bella Quilts."

"Kathleen is a traditional quilter with a passion for reproduction fabrics.  She wanted to step outside of her comfort zone and into the world of batiks.  Quilted by Linda Crouch-McCreadie.  Design Source: "Glacial Star" pattern by Judy Niemeyer,"

This was an interesting piece!  "Like the waves crashing, bringing something new, quilting is forever evolving as we navigate through life."

(I tried to take a side view picture so you could see the 3-D quality of this piece...)

"Brooke loves patriotic quilts.  She liked the idea of using 50 different fabrics for the fifty stars.  It made her think of the diversity in the fifty states that make up this great country."

"Roxanne and her sister challenged themselves to make Feathered Star blocks.  It took longer to design the setting than to make the blocks.  Quilted by Patricia Berry.  Design Source: "Kay's Star" pattern from Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I by Marsha McCloskey."

I hope you aren't tired of eye candy...there are two more posts of lovely quilts to go from this show!

I have gone back to the first 3 posts in this series and added the quilt descriptions from the show booklet (and righted most of the sideways pictures), in case you want more details about the quilts you've already seen.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. some can do landscapes and animals so well! I on the other hand - not so good at that

  2. I am so enjoying this show - thank you for sharing all this with us.

  3. There definitely were a LOT of different kinds of quilts at the show . . . and SO much workmanship to admire!

  4. Wow! What a great selection of eye candy. :D That 3D shot was quite interesting - I would love to see that in person.

  5. No not tired of it at all :0) Keep it coming! Love that red, white and blue star quilt!

  6. I feel like I attended the show - these quilts are amazing. Please keep on posting.

  7. thanks for sharing the awesome eye candy . wonderful inspirations.

  8. I agree with Janet. Keep them coming (as best as you can).


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