Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show, Part Two...

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!  Look what came in the mail today...a pretty ribbon!  "Baltimore Rhapsody-Symphony" won "Viewer's Choice" again, this time at the AQS Chattanooga show!  I am quite speechless...counting Sauder Village, that is now three shows where it has garnered "Viewer's Choice."  Again, I am humbled and thrilled!

"This quilt blends Teresa's love of music with her love of hand applique and quilting.  Each block challenged her to design something fresh and new."

And below is my other quilt in the version of Lori Smith's "Songs of Spring" (I added an applique border...).  Seeing the pictures close together, I am noticing for the first time how similar the quilts look...the one below looks kind of like 'son of Baltimore Rhapsody' - similar neutral background, setting, colors and style...both hand appliqued and hand has 15 inch blocks, one has 6 inch weird and comical!  Am I in a rut, or WHAT?

"The first bird's song and spring flowers are very welcome after a long, hard winter.  This winter for Teresa, it was either make this quilt or hibernate!  Design Source: "Songs of Spring" pattern by Lori Smith, with original outer border by Teresa."

I was sorry not to be in Chattanooga on the same day to meet the maker of the next fabulous quilt...Quilt Diva Julie.  Oh, so fun to see it again in person!  (I still have some photos that don't know which way is "up"...sorry!)  By the way Julie, thank you for emailing me nice of you to take the time!

It was so great (and a little selfish) to stand in front of this gem and really study it to see hidden details.  As Chattanooga IS Rock City, you could say that this quilt had come home!  

(Hey Julie...maybe the 'Rock City' attraction owes you a little advertising revenue!  For those of you who didn't grow up in the south, 'Rock City' and 'Ruby Falls'...two natural wonders of the area...used to advertise all over the south on the roofs and sides of old wooden barns. Sadly, most of those old barns are no longer standing...I'm not used to seeing the new billboards...I have great memories of being taken to both parks by my Aunt Katrina...that was a lot of years ago...)

"Julie free pieced this one-of-a-kind quilt featuring twelve unique barns, four Mid-south seasons, farm animals, tractors, silos, barn signage, and even a windmill.  Quilted by Chris Ballard."

It was great fun to meet up with my friend Margit, who moved from Michigan to Tennessee last year.  She and some friends came on a charter bus with fellow guild members to enjoy the day.

LOTS more pictures to come, either when I solve my picture rotation problem, or when my perfectionism just lets go and lets them RIP!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Oh just let those pictures rip - love seeing them whether rightside up, upside down or backwards! Congratulations on your wonderful win - it is truly an amazing quilt.


  2. Congratulations - all of your quilts are beautiful, but especially the Symphony one, You truly deserved to win Viewers Choice.

  3. Viewer choice ribbons says it all, people love your quilt, it is amazing! I am thrilled for you.
    congrats. well deserved

  4. Congratulations! The quilt is gorgeous and it is wonderful to see it winning hearts everywhere it goes.

  5. Yay, congrats again! I had plans to go to the show but unfortunately a last minute change meant I had to miss it. So sorry I missed the opportunity to see your lovely work in person!

  6. dear teresa,you can be very proud,to have won so many awards,have a nice weekend,susi

  7. Congratulations! Very well deserved! Viewers choice is the best award in my book. Your quilt and artistry have touched many, not just a few!

  8. You can't get much better than viewer's choice! Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations, Teresa!!!!! Couldn't happen to a nicer gal. It was wonderful to meet you at the show. Let's hope we can meet up again somewhere, someday. Meanwhile, your applique will be my inspiration.

  10. Oh my goodness... so exciting! Congratulations again! Soak it up... you deserve the accolades!

  11. Thanks for sharing pics of your show. And congrats on another ribbon! You deserve it!

  12. Congratulations Teresa, your viewers choice award is well deserved, your quilt is just stunning. I love the close up you've shared. How fun that you say you're in a rut, well I love your rut, and need to know how I can get into that rut too!

  13. Congrats again! That is so wonderful. I also love Songs of Spring.

  14. I've seen Julie's quilt in person (spent an hour crawling all over it looking at every detail) and I think it's pretty gosh darn spectacular.

    Congrats on your Viewer's Choice award.


  15. Congrats on winning viewers choice! You deserve it, the quilt is stunning. Thanks for sharing, I love to see your work.

  16. Congratulations!!!!!!!! And thanks for sharing photos of my barns!

  17. congratulations again! well deserved and a huge honor - even better than judges is you ask me.

  18. Congratulations on the ribbon. Both your quilts are lovely. Thank you for all the lovely pictures.

  19. Your quilt wins because it is beautifully done, and still approachable. The love you put into it shows in every stitch. So many of the top winners are so over the top and heavily quilted (by someone other than the maker), that something gets lost. Yours just sings.


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