Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shipshewana Quilt Festival...Part Two

Are you ready for another batch of quilt show quilts??  Here we go... THAT'S blurry...the following quilt is called "Rainbow Nouveau," it was entered in the "Mixed Techniques-Large" group, and it was made by Margaret Solomon Gunn.

And Best of Show (and $3500 prize money) went to "Eureka" by Marilyn Badger.

The following quilt won first place "Mixed Techniques-Small."

The following quilt won "Best Hand Quilting."  It is called "Symphony of Roses" and was entered by Barbara Clem.

The ribbon for "Best Machine Quilting" went to the following quilt, "Fern Rising" by Claudia Pfeil.

The following quilt won first place "Applique-Small."  It is called "Springtime in the Geisha's Garden" by Margaret Solomon Gunn (she also won first place with the next quilt...).

Here is Margaret Solomon Gunn with another first place win in the "Pieced-Small" group, "Kaleidoscopic Calamity."

The following quilt won first place "Applique-Large."  

The following quilt won first place "Pieced-Large."

The following quilt won first place "Mixed Techniques-Large," is called "Red Feathers," and was made by Claudia Clark Myers.

I loved this next quilt...look at all the tiny scraps sewn into "made fabric."

There's just no way to read the following at all, LOL!  It won second place "Applique-Small."  It was made by Pat Kuhns and was called "Timeless Moments" (from a pattern by Lori Smith).

I think this quilt was made in panels, then sewn together.  The front-of-the-quilt appliques were painted on the quilt backing...really unusual and pretty.  This quilt kept a "white glove lady" really busy, showing the back.

Yahoo!  Nice hand quilting...

The following quilt won third place "Pieced-Small."

The following quilt won second place "Pieced-Small," it is called "Buggy Wheels," and was made by Barbara Clem.

A musical KNOW I liked this one...

This one was hand quilted...

The following quilt won third place "Pieced-Large."

The following quilt won third place "Applique-Small," was made by Marilyn Craig, and was called "Audubon's American Robin."

(Oops!  This picture goes with he previous entry...)

The following quilt won second place "Mixed Technique-Large."

Somehow, I missed the second place "Mixed Techniques-Small" and the third place "Applique-Large."  I was lucky to get almost half of the quilts in the small amount of time I had.  Again, I am sorry the photography is not better...a dark hall and no flash made things really difficult.

I was disappointed in the number of quilts that were hand quilted. The machine quilting was lovely, but it definitely gives the show a lopsided feel in my view...much more artsy and less traditional.  I am finding that I am a quilting dinosaur.

The AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show is in August, and that is the next place my "Baltimore Rhapsody-Symphony" will make an appearance.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Thanks for photos. I am enjoying browsing the quilts at a leisurely pace as my time at show was limited. Best hand quilted, Symphony of Roses, had fine exquisite stitching.

  2. Regarding your comment about machine vs. hand quilting, I find many of the over-quilted machined quilts tiresome and soulless. They seem to put to much emphasis on marveling about the technique. I enjoy the human touch.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos - you did very well with them without flash.

  4. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. They are a delight to see. I, too, prefer hand over machine quilting - to me the hand quilted ones seem softer.

  5. thanks for taking the time to share all these photos with us
    some incredible quilts wow.

  6. I am with you Teresa. I just love the look and feel of traditional hand quilting. Those heavily machine quilted pieces look like they have come out of a mold to me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I went to the show and got all excited when I saw your quilt there, after reading your blog as you made each block. I am from the Buffalo NY, area, and a group of us drove to Erie, PA, and joined a group going to the show by bus. I am not the shopper all my friends were, so I was lucky enough to have two days looking at quilts; I think I photographed almost every quilt. While I am not a hand quilter, and probably don't appreciate the technique as much as those who are, I thought the quilts that received ribbons were so perfect they looked like they had been quilted by a robot. That just does nothing for me; I like the word "soulless" that Elsa used. There was only one judge for this show, which I thought was just crazy; her taste, and hers alone, was what was going to be the deciding factor on what would be the winning quilts. Our guilds usually get three, and we get judges that are well versed in different areas of quilting. Another thing that was different from anything I see in our area, were all the "bejeweled" quilts. I kind of liked them! Of course, I am like a monkey and like shiny things. Anyway, it was great to see the Rhapsody quilt in person! Love the blog!

  8. So many great quilt pictures from Shipshewana...thnaks for posting all of these plus the 3 I had in the show!

    Margaret Solomon Gunn

  9. Your photos still turned out great for the conditions. Look forward to your photos from the AQS show.

  10. Thank you for the photos of these lovely quilts, I feel like I went to show myself! And a big thank you for including the info cards so that these talented quilt makers get their credit. Love reading your blog!

  11. Thank you for the photos -- I enjoyed them all. You're not a dinosaur!

    The machine quilted quilts all look the same, cookie cutter quilts that are as hard as a board. The last show I went to in my area had 75 quilts -- all machine quilted by the same person (can we say b.o.r.i.n.g.) and only 1 hand quilted quilt. I'm not even going to bother going to the show this year. That's why I love your quilt show pictures so much.

  12. If the quilting fits the quilt than so be it. Have to wonder about a show with 74 of the quilts quilted by the same person???? Too, the machine quilting has come so far it might be time to figure out a way to separate the quilting from the quilt when judging and then combine it for a total "score" when judging. Interesting comment that only one judge was involved in this judging, not sure I would enter if I knew that before I entered. At any rate thanks again, for a great picture show of these quilts. You know how to get close and closer for things we want to see!

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  14. these are all so amazing...I couldn't make anything like these but these are the sort that inspire me to at least keep plugging along with simpler projects.

    I don't buy quilt magazines any more because they don't have quilts like these in them ( like in the old days : )

    Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures allowing us to see these as well.

  15. I have enjoyed seeing all those beautiful quilts. I would love to know where to find the pattern for "roses for Katrina" Any Ideas??


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