Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Baltimore Rhapsody" Block #22 - Fermata Crocus Wreath

"Fermata Crocus Wreath" is the latest block in my ongoing series, "Baltimore Rhapsody," an original music applique project designed in the Baltimore Album style.

I wanted a fourth wreath block to combine with the three clef wreaths I have already some point they will be combined in a smaller, 4-block wall hanging.  When the pattern is printed, it will be added to my online pattern store,

The fermata is also know as a hold, pause,
and more playfully a birdseye or cyclops eye.

The fermata is a symbol of music notation.  It started appearing in written music during the 15th century.  When this symbol appears over a note, it is an indication that the composer wanted the note held longer than its usual value, or number of "beats."  

The actual length of the note with a fermata is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor.  Sometimes this symbol appears over a barline in a concerto and is an indication that the performer can insert a cadenza, or short, improvised, unaccompanied passage (a great opportunity for the soloist to show off a little).

A fermata is a tool of personal choice for a is as if the composer is inviting the player to put his or her personal mark on the piece. 

It is always amazing to me that so much written music exists all following these little music symbols and their rules.  In music, a symbol speaks a thousand makes explanation and intention unnecessary.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. This is just stunning and how clever of you to make such a beautiful wreath from a musical notation.

  2. Your applique is just gorgeous. I love seeing your new designs. Just lovely!


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