Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Walking past the design wall...

My design wall is right at the bottom of the steps in the quilt cave.  I walk by it many, many times a day.  Waiting for the dryer to stop, I took 3 minutes to pin up the first 8 string-pieced blue diamonds into a star shape (I seriously need a real design wall instead of my icky pink college thermal blanket, bought in 1978, don't you think?...).

Then, taking a "standing break" from sitting and drafting final applique block patterns came the first broken star setting ring.

Later, I stopped on my way upstairs with freshly folded laundry to add a second broken star setting ring.

I still have a stack of finished string-pieced diamonds to play with...I wonder what will come next...

Meanwhile I ponder plain inset neutral squares versus two, more interesting options...

I am almost through hand-tracing the final copies of the first 19 "Baltimore Rhapsody" music applique blocks.  I work on a large square of heavy white paper where I've layered my working pattern under a fresh square of tracing paper.  

I use the flat clips to hold everything in place as I work.  Simple, yet time consuming.  

My husband kicked the table leg as he leaned in to kiss the top of my head last night...doh!  I had to start that one over...(but it was worth it!).

I pick up pattern covers from the printer later today and drop off the block is all very exciting (and a little scary...).

If this venture is successful, I will someday have a scanner and the proper drawing software to do this more high tech.  I feel a little like the ape throwing poo at the monolith at this moment in time (cue the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey").

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Such an exciting venture you are beginning. I hope it is very successful as your work is lovely!

  2. Oh, so excited for you. ANd when you get famous,we can all say "we knew her when she threw poo'!! A laugh, a smile, a huge hug!!

  3. ok - so I thought the pink was solid blocks and quite cute! Admittedly I'm on the hunt for inspiration for a baby girl quilt so the pink was on my brain!

  4. I think your "icky pink college blanket" works great as a design wall. And your blue string broken star is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this one. (I actually like it with the pink "blocks") :)

  5. So cool. Last year, I published a pattern and offered it through Etsy. For reasons, I made only 24 patterns and sold them in no time! Seeing the actual quilt (well, photos of it) was a huge draw. I also put it on my blog, on The Quilt Show blog, and one other. I'm still getting emails... Enjoy this venture!

  6. Had a hard time taking my eyes from your fabulous blue diamonds to write my comment! Love it.

  7. Methinks a plain block would give the eye a place to rest. I love the blue strings, by the way. Saw a quilt at the Int'l Quilt Museum in Lincoln, NE that I must show you. You will just totally drool!!

  8. I love what your doing with the strings. I did a string star quilt, and applique to solid background. It is my favorite quilt so far but never thought of doing a broken star. Wonderful!

  9. Love your star quilt start! Looks fab... I love that you use your college blanket as a design wall (beats my flannel backed plastic table cloth! lol) Looking forward to seeing what comes next! Kathi

  10. The "1978" blanket design wall has given me a purpose for my "1978" twin size blue blanket! I am unsure about the pink and white blocks. I vote for white as a background. It would look nice with a hand quilted motif.

  11. Yes, you should obtain a new design wall. Your quilt is coming along great. Congrats on getting your Rapsody quilt pattern printed.

  12. Absolutely you need a big design wall to make your masterpieces! Love what you have so far!

  13. i definitely bookmark your post and will give links to my friends as we all are a great lovers of blogs and always ready to read interesting and informative blogs.


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