Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Quilt Shop in Ann Arbor!!

Welcome to Quality Quilting of Ann Arbor, Michigan!  Owners Jim and Rhonda Loy are excited to add this store to their already thriving machine quilting business that has been servicing the Dexter/Ann Arbor area for many years.  Ola, Mary, and Sabrina are looking forward, along with Jim and Rhonda, to meeting you and helping continue your ongoing quilting adventure.
The shop is conveniently located near the intersection of I-94 and State Street in Ann Arbor, 625 State Circle (State Circle is the first street just southwest of I-94 at State Street - just a few buildings down on the right).  Just inside, you are transported to a beautiful world of inspiration.
This area features seasonal selections and new lines of fabric. 
 In addition, the main room also features baby and kid prints, a color blender wall, and other lines.

 Fabric, books, patterns, thread, notions, batting, kits,'s all here...everything needed from start to finish.
The reproduction room is to die entire room dedicated to the fabric of a time gone by, along with books and patterns

 And there's a room dedicated to stitchery and related arts, complete with a big table to stitch around. 
Lots of patterns, floss, trims, pearl cotton...and they carry Cosmo embroidery floss!  Crabapple Hill, Anne Sutton, Bird Brain...all your favorite pattern companies (and a few surprises) await you!

There is a wonderful classroom with good lighting, both natural and not.  I just arranged to teach two classes in January...hand-applique and hand quilting.  Give them a call and sign up...I'd love to see you there!
Here is co-owner Jim Loy, looking forward to meeting you and setting you on the path to quilt happiness.  He and his wife Rhonda bought the business that used to be Wendy's Simple Stitches in Howell.  They are excitedly ordering fabrics, etc. to add to and blend with the existing inventory.  And of course, you can drop off your finished quilt tops here for excellent machine quilting.  They also offer machine binding (can you imagine??).  Soon I would like to get pictures from their quilting facility in Dexter to share with you...there are no words for the excitement felt while standing in a room where 4 quilting machines are going!
Ann Arbor quilters are lucky to have great shops so close:

Quality Quilting - 625 State Circle, Ann Arbor, 48106, (734) 929-5169
The Quilting Season - 7025 E. Michigan Ave., Saline, 48176, (734) 429-2900
Leubu's - 1960 S. Industrial, Suite C, Ann Arbor, 48104, (734) 663-3033   (where I bought my fabulous
          sewing machine this year...)
Ann Arbor Sewing Center - 5235 Jackson R., Ann Arbor, 48103, (734) 761-3094
Jennifer's Quilt Shop - 147 N. Howell, Pinckney, 48169, (734) 878-6188
Lake Street Mercantile - 15 E. Lake Street, South Lyon, 48176, (248) 486-4411

Grab a buddy or two and take a road trip.  Make a day of it!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I love to hear about a new quilting store openning. In my city we've had 2 close in the last year :0( I'd love to go shopping in that Repro room!

  2. I love quilt shop.
    In my area there isn´t any.If I want to go one,I have to drive more or less one hour and a quarter.
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures,

  3. What a great quilt shop! I visited it today and was very pleased with the great choice of fabric lines and artful displays. I especially love the gorgeous fabrics in the reproduction room. This is a wonderful addition to our area quilt shops.

  4. What a lovely shop - can tell which is your favorite room/section because there are more photos! Great classroom, too. Hope we see your teaching session here.

  5. What a nice looking shop.....they seem to have everything, and those big windows are great for light! Congrats on getting to teach some classes there, too! Yay!

  6. Might have to go to the west side next time I go home!

  7. are you ever lucky! This shop look great -
    So many great sample quilts on the walls too.
    Thanks for sharing
    what's that white stuff on the grass, lol.

  8. What a wonderful shop to have near you. I wish we could have one as lovely.

  9. Wow! that looks like a really nice shop. Oh and look at the Cosmo thread.
    congrats on teaching some classes. The class room is great. Have fun.

  10. I visited this shop over the weekend, it was wonderful! The location, the selection...the kits, and fabrics! Plus classess and long arm quilting! They have the place looking great.

  11. The shop has lots of samples. I think that gives lots of inspiration to their customers.

  12. I bring all my quilts to Rhonda to machine quilt, she does a wonderful job quickly and reasonably priced. Very nice shop and friendly staff which is very important. When I visit a shop and the people aren't friendly, I never return. No problem here.

  13. this is no longer in AA


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