Saturday, April 23, 2011

In case of fire...

Have you ever had to be responsible for your quilting friends' best quilts?  Since Easter is so late this year, the holiday overlaps with dropping off quilt entries for for the Sauder Village Quilt Show that opens this next week.  Some of my participating friends went out of town to spend Easter somewhere else and I took responsibility of taking seven of their beloved quilts to the show along with two of mine.


What if there is a fire at my house?  What if Weasley gets cat hair on them?  What if someone breaks into my house?  What if I oversleep and start the 90-mile trip too late to get there by noon?  What if I forget one or two?  What if I am in a car accident or run out of gas and miss the 2.5 hour drop off window?

Yes...I'm neurotic.  Should I get a limited time fancy textile rider on the homeowners insurance?  Should I tell my family that in case of fire, grab the cat and the bundle of show quilts, which are right by the front door in a rocking chair, stacked in such a way to keep old Mr. Weasley off of them?

I'm pathetic really, but these are REALLY SPECIAL quilts, one a hand quilted double wedding quilt made for a beloved daughter.  Yikes - no wonder I slept a little fitfully last night!

Here they are, all ready for the car journey (I just love my huge IKEA bags!).

OOPS!  I guess I should make room for other passengers and put these in the back of the car...

The quilts are now all checked in and I am graciously allowed a couple of pictures of the huge Founder's Hall where the show will be hung before Monday, when the judging will take place before the show opens on Tuesday morning.  The committee members are carefully sorting and staging all the entries.  They have tall, rolling scaffolding units and super tall ladders for getting up to the hanging cables.  Once hung this is the neatest, best hung show I've ever been to (that includes the annual Houston International Quilt Festival).  I would have loved to see the recent red and whilte NY show...I LOVED how those pictures looked!
My pictures don't do this huge place justice.  It's hard to see in these pictures, but there is a sturdy system of stainless steel cables criss-crossing the arena in a grid.  That is where all the big bed quilts will be hung.  Then all the walls are fitted with panels where wall hangings can be pinned.  The stage is usually reserved to display master quilts and the quilts exhibited by the featured teacher of the week.  More panels are set up in the lobby to feature the yearly challenge quilts and baby quilts.  There is a quilt stretched on a frame below in the lower right.  I enjoy being invited to place a few stitches in every year!  There are also tables set up for various demos.
Then I just had to stumble over to the Threads of Tradition quilt shop that is located in the village.  I mean, I was already here, right?  I must do my part to help the Ohio economy, right?  (I need to stop in before 100's of women start shopping on Tuesday, right??  LOL)

Here are my friends' claim tickets for picking up quilts after the show and free show passes.  There is a great security system worked out for this show.  Absolutely no one can pick up a quilt without presenting these claim tickets.
Now I just have to keep them safe until I see Margit, Mary and Cheryl on Friday when our sit and stitch group goes to the show.

Oh crap!  What if there is a fire at my house?  What if someone breaks in?  What happens if Mr. Weasley makes mischief with them?


Happy Easter to everyone!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I'd be just as neurotic with other people's special show quilts!! You are not alone. :D

    And I chuckled at your cat hair worry running on a par with a fire or theft. . . having cats here, I totally understand that one.

  2. I had to laugh at this post - this is how we stress over the same routine. Somehow, we always get the task of dropping off and/or picking up quilts for a large show - while others are on an outing, enjoying family or vacation. Maybe that's how they deal with the stress? Enjoy your show.

  3. No wonder the other quilters thought their quilts would be safe with you. You thought of contingency plans, lol. We really did have a fire here in town one year and the quilts were the first thing in the car, I forgot to pack clothes.

  4. You make me smile Teresa, but I know what you mean. At our local quilt show two or more of the girls will set up camp in a small room and sleep there for the duration....just in case there's a fire, or someone breaks in or a cat gets in and puts hair on the quilts....! You get the picture??

  5. How'd you get inside my head? I think the same way!

  6. I would be the same way!

    today I was sitting looking thru my quilt books and thought oh my gosh if there was ever a fire in the house these would be one of the top things I would miss. It would be so hard to replace all of them.
    crazy! why do we worry about these things!
    can't wait to hear more about the show! and your ribbons of course ;)

  7. I so feel your pain/neurosis! A woman handed me a gorgeous quilt the other day saying I know you don't have time today but could you bring it home and do an appraisal...what if there is a fire...what if the cats get on it....

  8. I only wish you had posted this sooner....I'm close enough I could have robbed your house and had some incredible quilts to brag about for years to come!!! Ok, just kidding :)


  9. This post cracked me up.....mainly because I go through the same neurotic process when I'm in charge of anything!

    I hope you are able to take lots of pics of the show....sounds like they really know what they are doing with the hanging on cables and such. Can't wait to see what your friends and you entered for the show!

    Happy Easter!

  10. You are so funny Teresa!! I do have a suggestion for your sleepless dilemma with the quilt claim tickets: a safety deposit box at your local bank!! I know, most people store their jewels, life insurance or wills. But us quilters know what is really important...quilt claim tickets!!

    Happy Easter!

    Deb from

  11. LOL - I must admit I thought to myself - "God she has anxiety as bad as I do" -- I worry myself so much about somethings and my husband will just sit back and say what has gotten you so anxious again!
    I am so glad you got to the quilt show with plenty of time to spare and that they are all checked in!

  12. Goodness what a worry wart you are LOL. I hope you will be allowed to take pictures of the the quilts when you go to the show!!


  13. Recently, when working on quilt for a good friend with her kits, I kept them in one basket with a note attached to return to her if I wasn't around to do it. Just in case......

  14. A rather serious note - I met a lovely woman yesterday, whose house burned down last year. But she didn't really care about all the material things that were lost, as they could be replaced. She only cared that she, her husband and their four children survived.

  15. You crack me up but I would probably be doing the same thing. lol So many quilts to be responsible for!
    I have worked many quilts shows for my guild. It is a lot of work but it is so great to see so many awesome quilts hanging in one place.
    Hope you will share photos with us.

  16. I have been in the same situation, and I was so relieved to get the quilts checked in and not be responsible...You NEEDED fabric shopping after that! Looks like the show will be awesome. Kudos to all who volunteer to make quilt shows happen - Lots of work. Thank you for sharing!

  17. you crack me up. I used to call my quilt friend before plane trips and say "if I go down in a fire ball of hell, finish my quilt!" and then I'd tell her which one, lol.....
    the show venue looks awesome - can't wait to see the quilts!!

  18. Hope the show is a success..and what great news that they have good do bring smiles to me...

  19. I took in 3 quilts for the show. It was my first time entering. I had some nervous feelings just walking away from the drop off table. I can only imagine the anxiety of being responsible for other people's quilts too!
    I look forward to seeing your quilt in person.

  20. You sound like me!!!! What if, what if, what if!!!

  21. If I ever need my quilts looking after, I'll choose you! I dreamed the other night that our house was about to be flooded, and I went round grabbing the quilts!
    But you must be very relieved to be without them.... I totally sympathise. Enjoy the show!

  22. Funny! I think I would be most worried about keeping track of the claim tickets. It made me laugh that there is a way of stacking quilts to make them unappealing to a cat -- and you know what it is.


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