Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilting in the grassy knoll...

Oh, I know these detailed quilting shots are getting old and boring for you to see and read about, especially if you aren't a fan of hand quilting, but this is nearly the end!!  I am so close to being finished hand quilting "All Around the Town" (Sue Garmon).  And it isn't even the night before a quilt show where it is entered...LOL!
The quilt show block's grassy bit needed quilted grass to match the grass-like print.

I finally decided how to quilt the wooden end of the barn.  The quilting isn't this noticeable - the camera flash seems to really bring the stitches out.

This is basically all the background I have left to quilt...oh, and the skinny stop border (the road).  Other than that, all the quilting is done (happy dance...).
Oh, I spoke too soon...I see one little diagonal line of quilting on the church I forgot to do...DOH!
I tried to vary how I "quilt filled" the grassy bits so that no two styles would be right next to each other...I tried stars on the church lawn.  I drew some crosses, but they just looked stupid. 
The "hick house" is done, complete with a quilted pocket on the overalls and a fly on the boxer shorts (hee-hee)!
Hearts on the lawn around the kitty...but of course!

Another grassy fabric required more grassy won't really show up...I'm the only one that will know about this quilting (and maybe you, if you can see it...).
The last house to fill in...
I've had to sit through some meetings and wait in the car for my daughter lately, so I managed to get some of the appliqued borders for my chocolate bunny quilt hand stitched.  The words are a very portable project once they are prepped and glue-basted into place on a piece of background.
I bet that word got your attention!
This is not the final phrase for the border, but it is fun to play "sentence scramble" as I get the words appliqued, out of order.

Apparently Weasley (yawn) doesn't find me as amusing as I find myself and my quilting in the wee hours.  He is getting bored with "All Around the Town."  Time for Bed!
I have two quilt tops ready to take to a machine quilter tomorrow to send to Japan.  I will share them when they are quilted next week!  I wish I had time to hand quilt them, but Rhonda Loy of Dexter, Michigan does a nice job, and her turn-around time is amazing!  I want to send these quilts as soon as possible!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I can't believe how quickly you're getting that quilted. Looks great!

  2. Love seeing every stitch.......never boring!

  3. love the quilting details. Some of those pieces look mighty tiny - did you paint some of the pieces or draw or is it all applique?

  4. I am loving the quilting detail photos, and I like seeing how you progress. I am a novice hand quilter, I have only hand quilted one small lap quilt and I even had help with it so I can't even say I did it all myself. Your photos are inspiring for a beginner like me. Keep em coming! :)

  5. You are just amazing!!! I absolutely love it. I would never ever get bored with this. Did you actually mark the quilting, or did you just do it freehand?
    And I can't wait to see the chocolate bunny...:o))

  6. I absolutely love looking at all of your quilting close ups! It is giving me so many ideas for when I finish my own town.

  7. Oh and I forgot to say that I have ordered the pattern. I showed your picture of the quilt to our grandson and he loves it (preferred it to Ladies of the Sea) so I shall make it for him.
    Before I saw your quilt I had never heard of it...!

  8. I will be sorry to see this quilt done - I have enjoyed all the photos in the progress of this quilt just as so many have. Lots of great ideas of 'filler' quilting - just love the hand quilting and hope these postings have encouraged others to give it a go.

  9. I'm enjoying your detail quilting pictures! I love your chocolatety words as well.

  10. Certainly NOT getting tired of seeing what you are doing to your fabric.. somehow it is therapy for me too!

  11. Your around town quilt is beautiful! I love all the detail in the piecing and the quilting.

    Weasley looks like good company...he's got a very sweet face.

  12. I have really enjoyed watching your quilting progress on this quilt, you have such cute ideas. I know I have mentioned this before, but this is the kind of quilt I just love to look at and find all the little surprises the quilter has put into the quilt.
    Happy Stitching,

  13. We are definitely NOT tired of seeing this beautiful quilt! Your quilting is fantastic, and very whimsical.....LOVE it!

  14. I think I might miss the quilt when it's done. I never tire of looking at your process and the quilted details.

  15. I love looking at the detail of your quilting. And Weasley is always a pleasure. I adore his moustache!

  16. I'm not the least bit tired of seeing the quilting you are doing :0)

    That Weasley is one handsome cat!!


  17. Mary Lou (Cheaper than Therapy) sent me over and now I'm your newest follower! I love your quilting!!! Just fabulous~ I will be back often! :-)

  18. I so enjoyed seeing what you've done on this quilt and bored, I am not! Lovely work!


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