Friday, March 25, 2011

Quilted sails and puppy dog tails...

The "Eulean" is now quilted and ready to board!  (it's a family name pronounced "you lean," which is what you do in a small sailboat...get it?  giggle-giggle).  I love it when the fabric tells me how to hand quilt something...less marking and brainstorming on MY part!

We are getting down to the nitty gritty now...filling in lawns and fussy little places on the houses....and all those tight little background spaces between other appliqued shapes. 
Depending on the fabric, the hand quilting is either "in your face" or impossible to detect.  I quilted random tile shapes on the roof above and it is completely hidden by the fabric.  Then I filled the lawn below and it really shows up (the flash on my camera makes it seem more noticeable than it really is).

I still need to go through the whole quilt with a damp cloth and rub away all my chalk marks.  I quilted a little heart on the dog's haunch to match the grassy area...
I was having a hard time trying to think of something to fill in the shrubs with, then I decided on half daisies.
I love quilting hearts...
Oooo!  I'm getting excited because I'm getting close to finishing the quilting.  Weirdly enough, that also makes me sad.  It has been a great project to work on.  I've decided to quilt addresses of places I've lived in the skinny "road" border, under the houses.  We'll see if I can remember all those addresses!

I am so touched by the calls for donated quilts to send to Japan...I want to see what I can do over the weekend to finish a couple of tops that can be machine quilted next week to be sent.  A quilt is the first thing I think of when I need to be comforted...either to work on or to wrap up inside. 

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. dear teresa,your quilting is absolutly fabulous,happy stitching,susi

  2. You have put so many thoughtful, loving stitches in this quilt. What a happy community.

  3. Hi Teresa...Wow..what wonderful work you do! It has a signature that is all your own! I LOVE that! Keep up the good work. I have done applique, but love that you do such whimsical patterns. I also love the layers applique look. Your quilting pattern choices are good also. Hearts is one of my favorite themes. I also agree that when I needed comforted I can either be under a quilt or work on one. Isn't it wonderful to have quilts to keep our minds and hearts busy and filled?!

  4. P.S. I guess you do needle turn...even though I cannot see your applique stitches. You sure are good at it! Amazing.

  5. I'll be sad, too, when this is finished, because I thoroughly enjoy every post about it! :D

  6. You are such an inspiration.. I'll send an email to show you how you have inspired me this time.. It's a rather long story.. and you know I can get wordy...

  7. I'm going to be sad when you are done.. because then there won't be anymore posts about this quilt.. of course I just have to remind myself.. there will be another wonderful quilt just around the corner.

  8. Teresa, your quilting is divine. I'm so looking forwad to my patterns for this quilt to arrive, You have so inspired me.

  9. As always , such fun to watch your progress. I'm still trying to find a fabric for the your choice.
    What's your next project?

  10. Teresa, Eulean, how very funny. I had to wipe the coffee off my computer screen. Thanks ever so much for the first morning giggle. Your quilt is so whimsical and you enabled me to purchase this pattern also! Bad quilter, bad, bad, bad! Like you twisted my arm or something.....VBG! I do love the wonderful quilting that you have given your quilt, the two go hand in hand and it has been such a pleasure watching you work on it.

    Hugs to you,

  11. more fabulous quilting motifs!
    love it all
    I have to see this person one day. please let me know when you show it.

  12. Wonderful quilting Teresa!! As I was looking at the motifs, I was thinking "She loves to quilt hearts" LOL. I can understand your sadness of finishing this project.....I wonder what you will do next????


  13. I have really enjoyed seeing your quilting. When in doubt, I use leaves ..... but now it could be hearts! It's not really practical for me to send a quilt from Scotland to Japan (the postage would be horrendous) so it's better for me to give a donation.

  14. Just found your blog. This is everything that's right about hand quilting. Beautiful. I agree that the quilting, hand or machine, needs to match the design. What's with all the long arm quilters doing an all over(yawn)design?

  15. Adore what you are doing with this quilt! xo

  16. I love it all - you are just incredible!!!
    For some reason I had missed this post, and I now see that you mark some of your quilting.


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