Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years "movitation" and quilting mojo...

I am so impressed with everyone out there starting out their quilting new year with a high spirited plan for finishing things (way to go, Mary Lou of Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting...your motivation and cheerfulness is talking me down from the quilt guilt ledge I've been perched on since the big Christmas push...).

I spent some time yesterday evaluating the "2010 To Do List" that I had listed on my blog last year.  I guess I finished a little more than half the ambitious list of active projects listed there.  And some things I finished weren't on the list at all.  I "high 5-ed" myself on the finishes, completely deleted some things that I am going to bury for a while, and formulated a "2011 Must Do List."  I've gone from "to do" to "must do."  Hmmmm...

I'm a list girl, but I'm also a rebel.  It's the new year...I'm supposed to be motivated by resolutions and lists...oh yeah, and the guilt associated with not tackling things on last year's list.  But there were also things I wanted to start that I did not start, displaying GREAT discipline...like "Stars and Sprigs" by Kim McLean.

And I also ordered the pattern for the English Basket Quilt from Threadbear.

The English Basket quilt by Corliss Searcey
I love these two quilts!  They would certainly be long term projects.  And, except for backgrounds (which I've already purchased), I will make these TOTALLY from my stash.

When I wrote the title of this post, I had a Freudian moment...I mispelled "motivation" M-O-V-I-T-A-T-I-O-N.  I decided to keep it (eat your heart out, Stephen Colbert!).  The first part of motivation is MOVING.  I'm not having a MOTIVATION problem, I'm having a MOVITATION problem.

After Christmas exhaustion and a bad cold are certainly not helping.  Finishing something quickly WOULD help.  This scrappy bowtie quilt was hand pieced, hand-quilted and bound EONS ago.  I couldn't decide how to quilt the corners, so I put it aside.  Hand quilting is my therapy, mental and physical, so I'm going to do that...TODAY!!  I just have to M-O-V-I-T-A-T-E myself downstairs to the quilt cave, with a cup of hot tea.  I bet I could finish quilting this thing while watching an old movie.

Then I could smugly snuggle under it while contemplating my next finish...or start.  I smell mojo...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. If I keep one person from committing quilt-i-cide, it's worth it all!! LOL If I had that bowtie quilt to snuggle under, I don't think I'd ever leave, 'cept maybe for food! LOVE, LOVE it!! Stars and Sprigs is on my "If you get some stuff done you can start this" list. Also on my list...a "Quilt Inspiration Notebook" like the ones you pictured from the quilt cave a couple of months ago (with the Stash Manicure stuff). It's looking very like we are co-dependent. I better movi-...I mean moti- -- GO! before I add something else to my to-do list! :-D
    Mary Lou

  2. Hooray for getting one done today!! I want to start one of Kim's quilts this year too, hopefully this spring. I love the basket quilt!! It will be fun watching your progress this year :0)


  3. dear teresa,i love that kim mc lean quilt too,but i don`t know ,if i will ever make it,i must end up other things first,i wish you much movitation,susi

  4. I'm starting the stars and sprigs this year. Not that I stuck to my to-do list last year either but I do love this quilt so....

  5. Sorry if this posts twice I love your bow tie quilt and your cat. I just found your blog and now am a follower.

  6. You and Mary Lou, what a hoot, you guys make me smile. Have a good stitching day. I am super focused on the CWBQ, but you guys have motivated me to start machine quilting a top I finished WAAAAY last spring.

  7. Because we hand piece and hand quilt, everything takes longer. Last year, I plugged away at making tops and this year will see a few quilted up. Even if only one quilt gets done .... that is a good thing.

    Love your bow tie quilt and you can count 1 finish for this year and that will be the start of your mojo.

  8. My first quilt was a bow tie, so I am quite partial to it. As for the long term projects, one block at the time will get you there if you maintain the 'motivation"... good luck.

  9. I love these two quilts too and yes had to have both those patterns as well...
    hmm I doubt I will make them this year, but sometime!
    Happy New Year!!!!

  10. I love your bowtie quilt - finishing that will be a great way to start the year! I'm suffering from a little Christmas exhaustion too - today was my first "normal" day.

  11. two great projects to start - go woman!

  12. Yeah one down - your bowtie quilt is awesome. Can't believe that we both had to have the Stars and Sprigs and Basket quilts. I too ordered these two patterns and probably will start the Stars and Sprigs quilt first. I'm thinking the stars will go fast but the applique not so fast. Will be curious to see your progress.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  13. One down, several more to go. lol
    I love that basket quilt pattern. Never seen it before. Have fun with them both.

  14. I love the new word "movitation", I have no problem with motivation I just need to move. Thanks for your post


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