Friday, January 28, 2011


I don't actually play golf, but just about everyone I've met in Michigan since moving here does.  I am a church musician and often hear people on a particularly lovely Sunday morning longing for the golf course.  So I was thinking there should be one right next to the church.  I can just imagine that moment of indecision on Sunday mornings (the clubs are probably already in the trunk...along with the plaid pants and white shoes...).

It's a given that I would add a horse (and an apple snack stack) in the quilt.  My daughter rides and loves horses.  The additions are mostly glue basted, I still need to stitch them down and embellish with embroidery.

I have been thinking hard, trying to find some humorous inspiration for a church sign.  If anyone has a suggestion, I'd love your help/input.  This block will be positioned between the golfing and redneck house, if that gets your creative juices flowing.  LOL

The redneck block is now completely finished!  Only two more to finish.

The new washer is in and I'm trying to decide if I like it.  It is a high efficiency model with no agitator.  It uses very little water.  I gently pre-wash all my fabric.  It removes some of the excess sizing and dye (which my skin is sensitive to) and cuts down on later shrinkage and fading (and freezer paper and fusible materials adheres better when ironed onto washed fabric). 

I used to just put the appropriate amount of water in the tub, dump in some fabric, let it soak a while with no soap, hand-agitate a little, then spin and dry.  Of course, my husband usually walks by while I am hand-agitating and he quips something like, "you know...I think those machines will do that for you..."

He's hilarious.

I inherited this pile of scraps some time ago and decided I'd experiment on them.  They got a little stringy...I sort of expected that...should have put them in a lingerie bag.  Then I tried a very large (6+ yards) piece of new backing.  I ended up pinking the edges first.  It went well.

I tried using the "quick wash" cycle and I never really knew what was going on in there (it locks the lid so I can't just open up and take a peep).  I'm going to have to experiment further.  Any suggestions?

I am so close to finishing the last 3 blocks of this quilt.  I am also going back and adding a few things to the other finished nine blocks...just some animals and the odd piece of lawn art.  How I am going to do the sun is slowing me down.  Then I can add the "road" skinny stop border, the outer border, and the cars.  I can't wait to do the cars!!

Barb over at Fun With Barb has a great blog and recently posted about finding her favorite thimble.  When I saw the picture of it, I understand why she was so is beautiful!  It made me start thinking about my favorite thimbles (and wanting one like hers...covet-lust-drool-covet-lust-drool). 

The thing on my finger is a reusable leather adhesive pad called 'Thimble Pads' from Colonial Needle.  I like to use them sometimes when I am hand appliqueing or binding.

The one on the left was my Grandmother's thimble (on my mom's side).  It is only shiny where it is handled a lot.

The middle thimble is one of the three Roxanne's thimbles I have purchased over the years.  It is brass.  I also have a gold plated one and a silver one.  I was really disappointed with the gold one, as the plating blistered and peeled off on the inside and now turns my finger green!  Ick!  The silver one has lost it's luster on the inside, but is still satisfactory.  The brass one has been better, though more expensive.

I LOVE my Roxanne's thimble (can also be purchased through Colonial Needle), but the weight can be a little trying sometimes, especially in cold, dry seasons.  I was teaching a hand quilting class one time, and I was apparently gesturing too wildly with my hands, trying to make some stupid point.  The heavy brass thimble flew off my finger and hit one of my students in the chest!  I was mortified!

I've started licking my finger before putting it on to create a suction...pretty unsanitary now that I think of it.  That's probably not good for the inside surface.  I was very careful in choosing the size, but we all know that our fingers vary in size from day to day (one reason I have 3 thimbles - 3 different sizes).

Every now and then I finish another basket...this is a slow, slow, long term project.

We have snow on the ground now and will be under a Winter Weather Advisory tonight for 4-5 more inches(of course - it is band Solo and Ensemble competition weekend, and the weather is traditionally bad that weekend every year...sigh).  I hope you folks on the northeast are coping with your snowy just can't seem to get a break!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I'm just loving all your embellishments on this quilt. The golf course next to the church was a stroke of genius (I golf, but don't own plaid pants or white golf shoes LOL). I would love to wander around in that creative and quirky head of yours....what an adventure that would be :0)


  2. I too have so many different kinds of thimbles - I hate to think of how much money I have spent on them and when it comes down to it the ones I love best are the stick on metal and/or leather dots and my paddle thimble. The really expensive ones T.J. Lane and Roxanne I have and hardly ever use.

  3. You have been busy! I need to go thimble shopping the next time I am at a quilt show that has them.

    Those basket blocks are on my "want to do" list. I just love them! As soon as I finish my Klosjes project I will start them

  4. I don't use anything but the Thimble Pads.. just wish their adhesive was a little different... Can't stand a thimble, tho! (At least, I haven't found one yet!)

  5. This quilt is looking fabulous Teresa, the more you do the more I love it. I've been thinking of buying a Roxanne's thimble, probably a silver one, I'll have to get on to that this year I think..
    My washing machine is exactly the same as yours, I've had it for a couple of years now, I guess I'm reasonable happy with it because unlike a front loader I can stop it and add or take stuff out. I usually just use the rinse cycle to wash fabric for the first time, it's quicker, no soap and cuts down the agitation. I use that cycle too if I'm washing a quilt when it's finished, it seems to do the job alright..

  6. Your quilt looks great...being from Augusta I have to like golf even if I don't play well!

    One of my favorite signs outside a church "a day without prayer makes one weak."

  7. idea for sign:

    Shouting "Oh God" on the green is not worship!
    When we pray we keep our head down.

  8. I am so enjoying seeing and reading about your quilt!

    I think PIECE ON EARTH would make a good church sign.

  9. Love seeing your new washing machine. Interesting that it locks because I would like to look inside, too. I'll have to do a post on my thimbles soon. I pulled one out last night when I was doing some applique'. Love your golf quilt.

  10. Beautiful applique -- I am in awe. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has flung their thimble at somebody. I've started using some of the selfstick vet wrap on the inside of my thimbles when my fingers are cold and the thimble is a bit too big. I also started having problems with my Roxanne's thimble being too heavy. I ended up buying one of these which is much lighter weight and doesn't cause my finger to ache.

  11. I think you should totally treat yourself to one of TJ's thimbles, they are beautiful and work really really well!! I can't praise mine enough. I'm actually thinking of buying a second one after the recent scare. If she is at the AQS show in Lancaster, I just might. I could keep it in the sewing room, where I usually use a pink plastic one.
    Love your basket blocks.
    and the golf course next to the church - you're a winner! I love this quilt tooo much and have total envy about it :)

  12. Put a thin coat of nail polish on the inside and it will stop your finger going green.

    I sure know the agony of making baskets, but in the end you will be very happy too!!!

    I'm loving seeing your progress with your around town blocks. Wonderful!!


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