Monday, January 3, 2011

The big Christmas pay off...

Here is "Thing 1" (aka Eliza, my niece) digging into her Christmas bag containing her Dr. Seuss quilt.  My little sis is wearing the wig.  The 19-month-old had it on her head and off again before I ever raised my camera to my face.
Katie is pointing out each letter of Eliza's name (thanks Tonya, you and your letters are brilliant!).

The quilt was a big hit!  Aunt "Lolly," my sister Laurie, gave her the cute set of polka-dotted Christmas PJ's the night before, and there was NO getting her out of those for a picture in the "Thing 1" suit, so hopefully little sis will snap a picture of THAT at a later date!

Little 10-month-old Asa (aka "Thing 2," my nephew), was a little slower in yanking off the wig than his cousin.
Since my daughter is now 13, I had forgotten how difficult it would be to get a nice, staged picture of the two of them, each posing sedately and happily in strange wigs and a change in clothes...what was I thinking?!?  One was ready for a nap, one just up from a nap and racing around, more like the Loony Toons cartoon mouse, Speedy Gonzales, than the book figures, "Thing 1" and "Thing 2."  This is the closest we got to a photo op of the two of them, Eliza giving Asa a "drive by" hug and kiss.

My sister, Laurie (aka Aunt "Lolly"), liked her quilt, Chelsea Cottage.

Quilted book bags full of good children's books were also a big hit.

We woke up to a white Christmas in North Alabama, a total surprise, then drove to Philadelphia the day after and had 12 inches of the white stuff on the ground there.  When we drove back home to Michigan a couple of days ago, it was 50 degrees and all the old snow had melted.  Weird.

Ahhh...Christmas daughter with her first phone and my niece and nephew with a new book...priceless!

Here's to a great new year full of promise and lots of quilting (and the New Year's resolution...again (sigh) start EARLIER this year on homemade Christmas items...yeah, right...).

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I love all your finishes, Teresa! The quilts were absolutely gorgeous (LOVE the Chelsea Cottage!) and between you and Bonnie Hunter, I'll end up getting Word Play even though I never though wonky words would work for me. They look sooo cool, though!! Looks like a lovely Christmas and a lovely family!
    Mary Lou

  2. SO happy you are back!!! I have missed you (and your fabric cave)!
    Your gifts were just darling.
    Looking forward to more organizing and inspiration!
    Diana in Illinois

  3. Well it's pretty darn obvious that Eliza loves her new quilt (and jammies) LOL. Lucky you to spend Christmas with the little ones, they always bring so much fun to any occassion!!

    What a fun time at your house :0)


  4. Wonderful gifts! I am sure they will be treasured. I am determined to start my Christmas gifts early this year. I am sick of being stressed out at Christmas time because of all the stuff I have to quilt/knit/etc.

  5. You had a great Christmas..your family looks so happy and contented....and busy!

  6. cute cute pics of the little ones with their wonderful gifts! Happy New Year!

  7. How fun for everyone!!!
    those kids are the cutest ever - seriously -
    You made some Christmas magic this year!


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