Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby steps...

I'm making baby step progress on the 10th block of my "All Around the Town" by Sue Garmon.  I've appliqued aspects of the house, but still need to applique it to the background.  I went a little nuts and added window box gardens with embroidered Marigolds and a cobblestone sidewalk. 

I've only had little chunks of time to sew over the past few days, but I've really taken advantage of those stolen moments working on this block and the last two.  Since I'm making a few modifications, I have to work on them together to make sure the changes will work between the 3 blocks.
I've also prepped my letters for my word border for my chocolate bunny quilt.  Now I need another 30 minute chunk of time to finish the initial glue work.  I can't wait to spread them out on the border fabric to see what the phrase will really look like (Just hand over the chocolate...and no bunny gets hurt!)

Is this pitiful, or what?!?  This is Weasley's favorite spot in winter.  Right under my feet at the kitchen sink where there is a heat register to blow on his abundant belly. be a cat...zzz...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Love all your pictures...they really show that you have been doing a lot of baby steps! The top of your tin is adorable..he looks how I feel at the end of a rough day!

  2. Really nice house block. As for the cat, he's so cute, looks like ours (same colour) and just as lazy.

  3. You are doing such a great job in this.

  4. I am just starting the same quilt. I love what you did to your house, gives me lots of ideas!

  5. Your All Around Town quilt is just the kind of quilt my friends and I love to see in a quilt show, ones with lots of little surprises and details. Love the flowers in the window box and the stepping stone.
    Happy Stitching,
    PS. Smart cat

  6. your added touches are wonderful. What a great and fun quilt with all your special touches. I just want rub that kitty's belly :)

  7. I love your houses, and the flowers in the windows are just too cute.

  8. Goodness me Teresa, your attention to details is sew inspiring..this is lovely with your flowers in the window..yes, you inspire

  9. ooh, Weasley has the right idea!!!! fun work you're doing!

  10. The picture of your cat is hysterical. That is exactly what I feel like this winter. On weekends, I cannot get out from under a quilt.

  11. fun block. I like your special touches. Makes it all yours.
    Smart cat.

  12. Teresa I tried emailing you but I cant have my computer set up right. Wow what can I say what you do looks awesome. I started patchwork and quilting a little over 1 year ago caught the bug off my mum. I love it and my grandchildren are starting to enjoy it.When I say I am going to look for material they all want to come. Here in New Zealand we are paying $30 a metre for our material so I dont get that much just what I need. I love your stash and how you have set it up.


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